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Yoga Poses - Axis Active

By Sneha Chikhale | Source Credit: GOQii

Have you had a hectic day at work? Or is it too much of travel? Or tension in studies? When in such situations we generally end up sleeping less. It takes a long time and then we start counting the sheep (childhood memories!) to fall asleep.

Now, forget counting the Sheep or numbers. Ease your way into dreamland with these 8 yoga asanas. These yoga poses will relax your body and mind, both!

  1. Supported child pose:
    Holding supported child’s pose with your head rested on some pillows will help your brain and body to rest after long day. One can repeat it as many times as he wish. It is a good option for resting and relaxing.
  2. Supported downward facing dog:
    It is a great yoga pose for people who are glued to their desk for all day. This position stretches out your back part of the body, particularly the hamstring group (muscles at the back of your thighs)
  3. Triangle pose:
    This posture creates smooth blood flow and space in the spine. This standing pose releases the hamstring and allows extension in the spine. Using a wall will help you to hold this position with better timings.
  4. Wide legged forward fold:
    This pose is absolutely useful to calm the body and nervous system after a tiring day at work. This pose will also help open and stretch the back of the body.
  5. Low lunge:
    This pose stretches out the hip flexor group, which tend to get tight due to long periods of sitting.
  6. Supine bound angel pose:
    This pose helps open the upper back, chest and shoulders though a mid backbend. Lying on the pillow will help with increasing the openness.
  7. Legs up the wall:
    This position tones and settles the nervous system while reducing the gravitational pressure on the heart and the legs. Hip: Use pillow under the lumbar curve to release the lower back.
  8. Savasana:
    To wrap up your yoga practice, finish your sequence with traditional Savasana. It is a simple pose that brings total relaxation. This should be performed at the end of the yoga session, to relax your muscles.

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