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Journey to Progress

Unlocking the Potential
of Axis

Four years ago, we embarked on a new journey to realise the true potential of Axis. Since then, we have scaled new heights on the back of our One Axis proposition, through which we offer a host of banking and financial services. We also unveiled our GPS strategy which enables us to unlock Growth, Profitability and Sustainability (GPS) as we progress. Finally, with our philosophy of 'Open', we have built and delivered winning propositions for our stakeholders.

The GPS Strategy


  • Grow deposits materially to fund loan growth
  • Step up growth in Wholesale Bank
  • Continue momentum in Retail Bank
  • Establish leadership in digital and payments
  • Scale-up subsidiaries materially


  • Optimise business mix
  • Focus on cost rationalisation
  • Sweat existing infrastructure
  • Reduce credit cost below long-term average


  • Strengthen technology, operations, credit-risk and process excellence that leads to disciplined execution
  • Embed conservatism in the Bank’s internal policies and practices
  • Build resilient communities
  • Increased focus on ESG governance and positive financing sectors

Deliver world-class customer experience

Leadership in digital and technology


Build India’s most profitable Bharat Banking franchise

Backed by our 5 values

Sustained and Consistent Financial Outperformance

*Excluding exceptional items

*Excluding exceptional items

#Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for fiscal 2023 over fiscal 2019 period as compared to CAGR during fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2019

Exceptional items comprise (i) full amortisation of Intangibles and Goodwill amounting to `11,949 crores; (ii) impact of policy harmonisation of operating expenses and provisions amounting to `361 crores; and (iii) one-time acquisition related expenses amounting to `179 crores; on account of acquisition of Citibank India Consumer Business. Bank has fully charged to the profit and loss account all the exceptional items in fiscal 2023. The cumulative impact of all the exceptional items on Bank’s profit and loss account (net of taxes) is `12,354 crores. (Refer note 18.1 of Standalone and Consolidated financial statements)

Above are standalone figures as on/for year ended March 31, 2023 unless otherwise mentioned

Customer Centricity

For customers, trust and preferences are based on the quality, responsiveness, and consistency of their experiences. We have empowered our employees to deliver customer delight through human touch aided by technology. Tools like Sparsh and Siddhi enable Axis employees to engage with customers seamlessly in a boundaryless world, thereby building stronger long-term relationships.

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Tech-led Banking

We have a bold vision to underwrite every Indian by the year 2030. With Axis 2.0, our Digital Retail Bank, and with NEO, our best-in-class Digital Corporate Bank, we are building alternate data platforms and capabilities to underwrite a significant section of the lendable population, be it salaried or self-employed. Our robust suite of digital banking solutions will be a powerful engine that propels us towards market leadership.

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Bharat Banking

We continue to build our offline distribution through our expansion in rural and semi-urban markets under Bharat Banking. In addition, we are ramping up our digital capabilities to expand our reach through multiple channels. Our banking solutions are easily accessible to millions of customers at any place and all the time.

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Distinctive Solutions

In today's integrated and co-dependent world, partnerships play an important role in expanding the scope and accelerating business benefits. We have expanded our customer base, improved product propositions, increased geographical reach, enhanced capabilities, and improved our time to market through our partnerships. The partnerships have helped us explore synergies and offer distinctive solutions to our customers thus facilitating a connect and grow approach.

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Empowered Employees

We aspire to be the #1 employer in the Indian financial services space. Our inclusive hiring efforts cover women including homemakers, people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community as well as persons with disability (PwD). We focus on building a fair and performance-driven culture, where skills get as much importance as education. The seamless integration of Citibank India Consumer Business employees is a testimony to the importance we place on our people.

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One Axis Ecosystem

Under the One Axis umbrella, the group offers a universal banking platform catering to diverse business segments. Our products and services are integrated to provide a wide range of value propositions for our customers across the board. We are committed to strengthening our relationships with customers in the long-term by offering tailored solutions for their financial needs.

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