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At Axis Bank, each of our employees strives to live up to our brand promise. We help them by empowering them and nurturing their capabilities.

Developing leadership skills across various levels is one of our key focus areas for capability building. A multi-tiered leadership development programme has been created to develop leaders at various levels in the Bank through academic tie-ups with premier institutions globally

The Bank has entered into a partnership with the world’s largest online learning platform Coursera for customised online certification programmes for employees.

Axis Champions, the Bank’s premier awards platform, is an initiative to usher in culture alignment across the organisation; and to recognise and reward champions for their outstanding efforts.

This year, Axis Blitz was launched as a circle level platform to reinforce ‘role model’ behaviours through storytelling and experience sharing with the Bank’s senior leadership.

This year, the Bank launched ‘With You’ - an initiative to provide confidential counselling services to employees and their families for anything, at any time.

The Bank has shifted to an integrated Performance Management & Capability Development system - called ACElerate (Axis Capability Enhancement Programme). While retaining the tenets of Meritocracy, Transparency and Fairness, ACElerate follows the principles of attaining greater alignment to the Bank’s performance, more inclusive approach to career growth, investing in capability development, and creating leaders at every level.



Below 30 Years 61.55
Between 30 yrs to 40 yrs 33.70
Between 40 yrs to 50 yrs 4.14
Between 50 yrs to 60 yrs 0.61

Ensuring cash during floods

Rohit Sharma facilitated cash withdrawals during the recent Chennai floods by collaborating to personally transport 50 fully loaded GPRS POS terminals from Bengaluru to Chennai and effectively deploying them across the city.

Protecting against cybercrime

Naveen Vaishya relentlessly followed through a case of disputed ATM transactions and averted a major cybercrime by initiating Cyber Police investigations resulting in a gang’s arrest and confiscation of confidential data of 2 Lakh customers.

Against all odds

Dimple Maurya, despite transport standstill in Mumbai due to heavy rains, helped an NRI customer arrange funds for clearing medical bills and conducting last rites of the customer’s father.

Names changed for confidentiality purposes