Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are professionally managed investment funds that pools money from various investors to invest in securities. These investors may be retail or institutional in nature. Mutual Funds Investments for NRIs helps in long term financial planning. There are a number of features and benefits for NRIs Mutual Funds. You can also enjoy diverse benefits at a low cost. For more details about Mutual Funds for NRIs please go through the list below.

To help you understand Mutual Funds better, we have created the mutual fund glossary. The terms have all been listed as clickable links which lead to the definition of the same.

Net Asset Value is the market value of the assets of the scheme minus its liabilities. The per unit NAV is the net asset value of the scheme divided by the number of units outstanding on the Valuation Date.

There is a significant difference between time and cost implications between servicing one investor who has invested Rs. 1 crore and servicing 1,000 investors who have each invested Rs. 10,000 although the AUM is same for both the cases. Thus funds differentiate between the classes of investors on the above grounds by offering different options or plans of the same scheme to different kinds of investors. The institutional plan being offered to the big investors and regular for the small.

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NRI Easy Guide