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Demat & Custodial Services for Institutional Investor


Axis Bank is a SEBI registered custodian under the SEBI (Custodian of Securities) Regulations. We are offering solutions to various (i) Foreign clients viz., Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI), Foreign Venture Capital Investors (FCVI) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and (ii) Domestic Clients viz Portfolio Managers, Alternative investment Fund, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Banks, Private Equity Funds, Corporate Customers, Brokers and High Net-worth Individuals.

Axis is also a Designated Depository Participant (DDP) issuing registrations to Foreign Portfolio Investors on behalf of SEBI. We are committed to delivering top of the securities services to institutional investors that would be investing in Indian capital market across debt and equity instrument, derivatives, Depository receipts and Mutual Funds.

We are serving around 250+ customers across the globe under our custody.

a) Account opening: Facilitates opening of bank and Demat account with minimum Turnaround Time

b) Trade Settlement: Supports settlement of trade on the floor of exchange and outright from the market.

c) Corporate Action: Monitors and collects corporate benefits, both monetary and non-monetary, on the securities held by the client.

d) Safe keeping: We provide safekeeping services for securities held in both Physical and electronic forms.

e) Reporting and MIS: We provide report on securities and fund transactions and balances, receipt of securities and funds received in pay out, settled trades, benefit collection, forthcoming corporate actions, Daily transaction and holding and much more.

f) Regulatory reporting: Submits reporting to regulator on behalf of its off shore clients.

Fund Accounting: The Fund Accounting service provided by Axis Bank as an ancillary to Custodial Services sector to its domestic investor. Services like investment accounting for purchases and sales, valuation of securities held under custody, income and expense accounting and regulatory reporting are all covered under this section.

CSGL Services: CSGL services is provided by the bank to its client for settlement of transaction and holding Government securities, treasury bills etc.

DP services: Bank is registered with NSDL and CDSL as a Depository Participant and cater Demat services to both foreign and domestic institutional clients. The services includes market transfer, off-market transfers, pledge of shares, Dematerialization of physical shares.

Derivative Clearing: Bank is also a Professional clearing member and supports derivative clearing trades.

Bridge financing to AIFs: Bank supports Alternative investment Funds in their bridge financing requirement

Tax Payment support: Bank support in making tax payments arising out of the capital gains made by its clients.

Overseas Investment by AIFs: FEMA expertise in the bank assist in overseas investments of Alternative investment Funds.

FIRMS Filing: Bank also undertake FIRMS filing on purchase or sale by FDI.


  • Dedicated relationship manager to cater all needs of the client.
  • Robust Systems and infrastructure with expertise to provide best solution.
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
  • SWIFT interface for communication.
  • Fireproof vault / Cabinet for physical security storage.
  • Network with local CPA for tax related services.
  • Well-equipped compliance team.
  • International presence with branches at Singapore, Dubai (at DIFC) and Gift City-IBU; representative offices at Dhaka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
  • USP of AXIS:

    • Custody, Professional Clearing Member, CSGL, Trustee and Broking under one umbrella.
    • Single dedicated desk for FEMA and SEBI compliance.
    • Web portal for customer interface reducing dependency.
    • Dedicated Single Point of Contact to cater all operational needs.
    • Advisory on FEMA & SEBI matters.
    • Post transaction services – regulatory filing.

Please reach out to nearest branches/RMs for documents.

Forex, Escrow, Trustee and Broking Services

Product offering is subject to certain eligibility criteria as per Bank's internal policy and is subject to Bank's discretion.