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This section contains all the investments related product reports that we create. These reports are in the form of peer group historical performance updates (Weekly MF Digest), product specific information (Factsheets) or the overall market commentary (Investment Perspectives, Fixed Income Commentary) and updates on key events (Monetary Policy Update, Union Budget). These reports help facilitate an informed investment decision making process for you. The product reports are useful tools for developing an understanding of the performance of each investment product in comparison to its peer set. Additionally, knowledge of key market events and understanding the impact of such events on the performance of various product categories, along with overall market outlook, aid in making an informed investment choice.

The daily newsletter contains a summary of the key developments across global and domestic markets. It covers the daily performance of key indices and their movements.

Daily Newsletter January 10, 2024 download iconDocument for Daily Newsletter - June 06, 2023

The weekly newsletter contains key highlights of financial and economic developments that have transpired worldwide. It provides an update across asset classes including performances of broader indices.

Weekly Newsletter - Feb 26, 2024 download iconDocument for Weekly Newsletter - feb 26, 2023

The weekly Mutual Funds digest contains scheme related information for all the schemes in the universe. The schemes are classified as per SEBI categories, and for each scheme and respective broader indices, information like scheme corpus, latest NAV, asset allocation, performance over various time periods, benchmark, exit load, expense ratio, ranks based on point-to-point performance and such other information is available.

Weekly MF Digest as of February 18, 2024 download iconDocument for MF Digest as of February 18, 2024

This report gives in-depth insights across macro and micro indicators released by various regulators and institutions and any event/sectoral updates. It covers various topics like monetary policy, inflation, liquidity conditions, currency, sector updates amongst others.

India Data WPI - November 2023 download iconDocument for India Q2 GDP Update
Banking Credit Deposit Update download iconDocument for India Q2 GDP Update
India Data IIP - October 2023 download iconDocument for India Data IIP - October 2023
Credit Update - October 2023 download iconDocument for India Data IIP - October 2023

This is a report prepared after every bi-monthly Monetary Policy Committee meet. It explains the outcome of the meeting, including actions on policy rates, indicators that are likely to shape the future trajectory of the economy, liquidity conditions and other measures. The impact of the policy decisions on the market and our outlook on the same are summarised in the report.

Sixth Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review 2023-24 download iconDocument for fifth Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review 2023-24

This is a quarterly report that provides an overview of Indian equity and fixed income markets. In addition, it also includes how various events have shaped the market in the recent past and their likely impact going forward.

Investment Perspectives Jan - Mar 2024 download iconDocument for Investment Perspectives Jan - Mar 2024

The Axis Select list contains names of funds that stack up well on a relative basis in the respective peer groups on the basis of quantitative and qualitative parameters. The list includes sets of funds under various categories as defined by SEBI and which broadly fall under the 5 broad categories viz.

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Hybrid
  • Solution Oriented
  • Others


Axis Bank Select Funds List Feb 2024 download iconDocument for Axis Bank Select Funds List Dec 2023

The Government presents the Union Budget on the first day of February so that it could be materialized before the commencement of the new financial year in April. The report herein provides the salient features of the Union Budget tabled in parliament while also touching upon key topics such as new initiatives in terms of reforms, changes in tax structure, economic activity based on receipt and expenditure, target on fiscal and current deficit and many other important points.

Highlights of Union Budget 2024-25 download iconDocument for Highlights of Union Budget 2024-25