Investor FAQs

It is our endeavour to extend best possible services to our valued shareholders and other investors. For your convenience, we have furnished below a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact the Company Secretary who will be too happy to answer them. We welcome your suggestions and advices to improve our services further.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Members who hold shares in electronic mode
    • Members holding shares in demat mode, who have not registered their e-mail addresses are requested to register their e-mail addresses with their respective Depository Participant (DP).
    • If your Depository is NSDL, you can Click here for updating your email id and if your Depository is CDSL, you can Click here for updating your email id.

  • Members who hold shares in physical mode
    • Members holding shares in physical mode are requested to update their e-mail addresses with KFin Technologies Limited, Registrars and Share Transfer Agent (“RTA”) of the Bank (“KFIN”) by sending Form ISR – 1 by email to or by post to KFin Technologies Limited (KFIN) Unit: Axis Bank Limited, Selenium tower - B, plot no. 31 & 32, Financial district, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally, Hyderabad - 500032 Telangana Tel. no.: +91 40 6716 2222 Toll free no.: 1800 3094 001.
    • Form ISR-1 is available on the website of the Bank under the head “SEBI Circular on common and simplified norms for processing investor’s service request by RTAs and norms for furnishing PAN, KYC details and nomination”. Click here for the same. Form ISR-1 is also available on the website of KFIN. Click here for the same.

The rates of dividend declared by Axis Bank were as follows:

  • Year 1998-99 - 10% (Pro-rata) - (Rs. 1 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 1999-00 - 12% - (Rs. 1.20 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2000-01 - 15% - (Rs. 1.50 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2001-02 - 20% - (Rs. 2.00 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2002-03 - 22% - (Rs. 2.20 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2003-04 - 25% - (Rs. 2.50 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2004-05 - 28% - (Rs. 2.80 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2005-06 - 35% - (Rs. 3.50 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2006-07 - 45% - (Rs. 4.50 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2007-08 - 60% - (Rs. 6.00 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2008-09 - 100% - (Rs. 10.00 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2009-10 - 120% - (Rs. 12.00 per share) - Transferred to IEPF
  • Year 2010-11 - 140% - (Rs. 14.00 per share)
  • Year 2011-12 - 160% - (Rs. 16.00 per share)
  • Year 2012-13 - 180% - (Rs. 18.00 per share)
  • Year 2013-14 - 200% - (Rs. 20.00 per share)
  • Year 2014-15 - 230% - (Rs. 4.60 per share)
  • Year 2015-16 – 250% - (Rs. 5 per share)
  • Year 2016-17 – 250% - (Rs. 5 per share)
  • Year 2017-18 - Nil
  • Year 2018-19 - 50% (Re. 1 per share)
  • Year 2019-20 – Nil
  • Year 2020-21 – Nil
NameKFIN Technologies Limited
AddressSelenium Building, Tower-B, Plot No 31 & 32,
Financial District, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,
Hyderabad, Rangareddi, Telangana India - 500 032.
Toll Free1800 309 4001
WhatsApp Number(91) 910 009 4099
KFIN Corporate Website Link
Corporate Registry (RIS) Website Link
Investor Support Centre Link

Contact Persons:
Mr. M R V Subrahmanyam,
General Manager
Mr. Rajkumar Kale,
Sr. Manager (RIS)

The shares of Axis Bank Limited are listed on the NSE and BSE. The GDRs issued by the Bank are listed on London Stock Exchange. The Bonds issued by the Bank under the MTN programme are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Stock Exchange / DepositoryCode No. / ISIN NO
BSE LimitedCode No. 532215 - A Group
The National Stock Exchange of India LimitedCode No. AXISBANK
National Securities Depository LimitedISIN No. INE238A01034
Central Depository Services (India) LimitedISIN No. INE238A01034
London Stock Exchange, ISIN for GDR’s ISIN No. US05462W1099 Code No. AXB

The last Book Closure was during 06/07/2019 to 20/07/2019 (BDI)

The last AGM was held on July 30, 2021.

As a part of Capital Market Reforms and in line with global practice, the Depository environment with respect to electronic transactions of securities has also been put in place by SEBI. This will ensure a more efficient service in the matter of share transfer and eliminate risks for the investors against theft/fraud etc while the share certificates are in transit through courier or postal service.

  • Fill an account opening form available with the Bank and hand over the duly filled form with introduction documents to the Bank.
  • Sign the agreement with the Bank (the agreement will state rights & obligations of both the parties). It would also contain the fee structure of the Bank.
  • The Bank would now give you the Client Details. Once your depository account is opened this Client ID No. alongwith the Bank DP ID no. forms a unique combination. Both these nos should be quoted in all your future correspondence with the bank/NSDL/CDSL/Issuing Company / the Bank, registrar and transfer agent.
  • The Bank would give you pre-printed instructions for various depository services viz., dematerialisation, delivery instruction for trades, etc. Preserve these carefully.
  • The Bank would give you a various list of deadlines for giving instruction for various depository activities viz., transfer for effecting sale, purchase, etc. If not, check with the Bank.

No. However, if the investor wants to transfer the ownership from his individual name to a joint name, he should first open an account as the sole holder (account A) and dematerialise the share certificates. He should then open another depository account (account B) in which he is the first holder and the other person is the second holder and make an off market transfer of the shares from the account A to account B. The investor will incur a charge on this transaction. Alternatively, the certificates can be transferred to the joint ownership and then sent for dematerialisation.

  • You can purchase the share in any of the two exchanges (BSE/NSE) where the shares of the bank are listed, through a broker of your choice and make payment to your broker. Make sure you tell your broker you want only in demat shares.
  • Broker arranges payment to clearing corporation / clearinghouse of the stock exchange
  • Broker receives credit in his clearing account with his DP on the payout day. He can immediately transfer these securities to your depository account, provided your account is already active.
  • You give instruction to the Bank for receiving credit in your depository account. If you have separate instructions to receive credits, no separate instruction for receiving credit will be required.
  • If the instructions match, your account with the Bank would be credited.

If the account holder passes away, the Bank would be able to process the transmission of these securities to the legal heirs.

If the shares are held in physical mode, in case of any changes in your registered address with the Bank, you can contact the Bank's Registrar and Share Transfer Agents or the Company Secretary. The R&T Agent would effect the change.

If the shares are held in physical mode, the shareholders can opt to nominate one or more persons as the beneficiary so that in the event of death of the shareholder, the ownership can smoothly pass on to the nominee. Please read the form for complete details. To download the nomination form, click here. The forms duly filled in can be sent to the address given in the "Contact details" section.

If the shares are held in physical mode, the shareholders instead of receiving warrants for the dividend payment could give details of their bank accounts so that the dividend amount can be directly credited to their account without much hassle through the National Automated Clearing House (NACH) of RBI. You can submit your mandate by filling up the NACH mandate form. To download the form, Click here for NACH mandate form

The forms duly filled in can be sent to the address given in the "Contact details" section.

Contact Details. (Only for Shareholders grievance like non receipt of dividend/non-receipt of share certificate/change of address etc.)

The Company Secretary
Axis Bank, Registered Office,
"Trishul", Third Floor,
Opp. Samartheshwar Temple,
Law Garden, Ellisbridge,
Ahmedabad - 380 006
Tel : (079) 66306161
Fax: (079) 26409321

M/s. KFin Technologies Private Limited,
(Shri M R V Subrahmanyam or Shri Rajkumar kale)
KFin Technologies Private Limited
Selenium Building, Tower – B,
Plot No.31 & 32, Financial District,
Nanakramguda, Serilingampally,
Hyderabad – 500032.
Tel : (040) 67162222
Fax: (040) 23001153
Toll Free no. : 1800 3094 001.

Unclaimed Dividends/Shares which have been transferred to the designated account of the IEPF Authority, in accordance with the with the IEPF Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016, can be claimed by the Shareholders through the website of the IEPF Authority ( Please follow the steps detailed below:

  • Download the Form IEPF - 5 from the website of IEPF ( Read the instructions provided on the instructions kit along with the e-form carefully before filling the form.
  • After filling the form save it on the computer and submit the duly filled form by following the instructions given in the upload link on the IEPF website.
  • On successful uploading, the acknowledgment will be generated indicating the SRN. This SRN is to be used for future tracking of the form.
  • After uploading the form, submit the following documents to Nodal Officer(IEPF) of the Bank in an envelope marked “Claim for refund from the IEPF Authority:
    • a. Self-attested copy of e-Form.
    • b. Indemnity Bond in original.
    • c. Copy of acknowledgment. 
    • d. Other documents as mentioned in the Form IEPF-5. 
  • The general information of the Bank, required for filing the aforesaid Form, are as under: 
    • a. Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of Company: L65110GJ1993PLC020769.
    • b.Name of the Company: Axis Bank Limited. 
    • c. Address of Registered Office of the Company: ‘Trishul’, 3rd Floor, Opp. Samartheshwar Temple, Law Garden, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380 006.   
  • KFIN, has been entrusted with the task of verifying the claims received from the Shareholders of the Bank, in respect the unclaimed dividend/shares of the Bank transferred to the IEPF Authority. KFIN, is responsible to liaise with the claimants to ensure that proper documents as required as per the IEFP Authority Rules, are received. After verifying the authenticity of their claims, KFIN, will issue an entitlement letter, in favour of the claimant.

    On receipt of the entitlement letter, the Bank submits an online verification report to the IEFP Authority, along with the scanned copy of all the original documents submitted by the claimant. Based on the said online verification report, IEPF Authority processes the claims. 

    The Bank has appointed Nodal Officer and Deputy Nodal Officers for the purpose of verification of the claim(s) and for co-ordination with the IEFP Authority. The details of the same have been hosted on the website of the Bank viz  https:// www. / shareholders-corner/investor-contacts.

Yes, the Statutory Auditors of the Bank have issued a certificate dated 29/04/2020 on compliance of Corporate Governance for the year ended 31/03/2020.

Axis Bank has not entered into any agreements with any media company and/or their associates.

Axis Bank offers the following services:

  • Personal Banking
    • Accounts
    • Deposits
    • Loans
    • Cards
    • Forex
    • Investments
    • Insurance
    • Payment
    • Other Services
  • Corporate Banking
    • Accounts
    • Credit
    • Capital Market
    • Treasury
    • Cash Management Services
    • Govt Business
  • NRI Banking
    • Accounts
    • Credit
    • Remittances
    • Services
  • Agri & Rural Banking
    • Agri Business
    • Microfinance
    • Financial Inclusion
    • Rural Banking
  • Priority Banking
    • Accounts
    • Deposits
    • Loans
    • Cards
    • Investments
    • Payments
    • Remittances
    • Other Services
  • 24X7 Banking

IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited
Registered Office
Asian Building, Ground Floor,
17, R. Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate,
Mumbai – 400001.
Phone No. 022-4080 7000

SBI Cap Trustee Company Limited
6th Floor,
Apeejay House 3,
Dinshaw Wachha Road,
Mumbai - 400 020.
Phone No. +91 - 22 - 4302 5555.