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Get competitive exchange rates and instant transfers to Axis Bank accounts in India, at these branches

Overseas Branches

Sending money from overseas branches to your Axis Bank has never been easier! Just walk into an Axis Bank overseas branch and follow the steps listed below, and the funds would be credited to your overseas branch of Axis Bank instantly. For other banks, it would take around 24 hours for the funds to come through. Please feel free to contact us in case of any additional queries about the same.

Key Features

  • Instant credit to any Axis Bank Account in India
  • Credit to other bank account within 24 hours*
  • Competitive Exchange Rates
  • Free remittance facility for Axis Bank UK customers and Axis Bank Colombo branch customers

*Subject to the beneficiary Bank’s availability and hours of operation, and local regulations.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Walk into our Overseas Branch at Hong Kong/Colombo/London or Shanghai as applicable.
  • Fill up an Application Form and provide your Personal ID / KYC documents (if you are not Axis Bank account-holder)
  • Provide the funds for the money transfer by either cash/cheque/Account transfer
  • The Branch will process your money transfer and provide you with a unique Remittance Reference Number.
  • You will receive a confirmation message on successful completion of your money transfer.

For more details, please visit the websites of the overseas branch / office.

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