Portfolio Investment Scheme Account

With the Portfolio Investment Scheme, you can purchase and sell shares and debentures of Indian companies on a recognized stock exchange under repatriation or non-repatriation basis. You can also access this account at anytime online. For the detailed list of features and benefits for the same, please go through the points listed below.

When you are planning on opening a Portfolio Investment Scheme Account, we request you to check if you are eligible for the same. In the list below, you can check for the Portfolio Investment Scheme Account eligibility.

The following cannot open a Portfolio Investment Scheme Account

  • Residents embarking on international trips for health and medical check-ups are included in the Portfolio Investment Scheme eligibility criteria, allowing them to participate in PIS account activities.
  • Those travelling abroad for brief tours, whether for leisure, excursions, or business promotion, also qualify for PIS account eligibility, highlighting the scheme's accessibility.
  • However, residents living in Bangladesh or Pakistan require the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) prior approval to be eligible under the Portfolio Investment Scheme, indicating specific restrictions within the PIS eligibility framework.
  • Similarly, residents of Nepal and Bhutan are encompassed within the scope of individuals eligible for participation in the PIS, showcasing the geographical inclusivity of the scheme.
  • Seafarers employed by Indian shipping companies are also recognized as eligible for the Portfolio Investment Scheme, further broadening the eligibility criteria for opening a PIS account.

Once you are sure that you are definitely opting for a PIS Account please ensure that you have the documentation for Portfolio Investment Scheme Account in order. You can refer to the list below to cross-check if you have all your documents.

Keep your documents ready

In order to open an account customer will have to submit the following documents

The address proof must match with the communication address selected by you on this Relationship Form. Please click here for the list of address proof.

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