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RemitMoney – Fast, Economical & Safe way of sending money to India from UAE!

What is RemitMoney?

RemitMoney is an online money transfer website of Axis Bank, which enables NRIs from UAE to send money to India. The transfer process is extremely simple & fast!

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Why to choose RemitMoney to send money from UAE To India?

  • Fixed & Fair Exchange rates | Zero Fees

    RemitMoney doesn’t charge any FEES on any transfer whatsoever be the amount. Our rates are most affordable and we display it upfront (Inclusive of taxes)!

  • Same day transfers

    RemitMoney allows its UAE customers to receive money in Indian accounts on the Same Day!

  • No Transaction limits

    UAE customers can send any amount in a single transfer.

  • Reward points & Badges

    Customers earn cashpoints (Corresponding to INR value) on every transfer which can be redeemed on their subsequent transactions. The customers who send maximum, get a BADGE which gives them more value for their cashpoints.

  • Invite & Earn points

    Invite your friends to RemitMoney & both parties can earn cashpoints worth Rs. 500 each!

  • Schedule Payments

    RemitMoney offers the facility of scheduling one time or recurring transfers over a span of 12 months

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