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Use SWIFT To Transfer Funds In 40 Currencies, From A Local Overseas Bank To An Axis Bank Account In India

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Wire Transfer

Easiest mode of sending money to India from a local overseas bank in all major currencies.

What is Wire Transfer?
Wire Transfer is also popular as SWIFT Transfer or Telegraphic Transfer (TT). ‘SWIFT’ is a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment.
Axis Bank has a vast network of routing / correspondent banks worldwide that ensure seamless connectivity amongst banks located globally. Use Wire Transfer to send funds in all major currencies from a local overseas bank to India through its vast network of correspondent banks worldwide. We support transfers in EURO currency through our network of partner banks.
List of correspondent / nostro banks Click here
Wherever you are in the world, just initiate ‘Wire Transfer’ instructions with your local bank overseas and get the funds credited to any Axis Bank account in India within 48 hours.
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Initiate wire transfer from your local bank overseas using their online (internet banking) or offline facility mentioning Axis Bank’s correspondent bank (NOSTRO account) details. Please select currency of remittance from the drop down currency list to get the correspondent bank details:
Features & Benefits:
a. Authenticated cross border money transfer
b. Safe, Secure & Convenient way for International fund transfer
c. Used globally across banks located worldwide
d. Competitive Foreign Exchange rates
e. No minimum or maximum limits on fund transfer
f. Credit to beneficiary account within 48 hours
g. Easy to instruct for creating FCNR deposits
How to initiate International Fund Transfer in local (foreign) currency?
Visiting local (overseas) branch
1. Visit your overseas Bank’s Branch
2. Request for fund transfer in local (foreign) currency
3. Fill & submit the fund transfer application form there at local (overseas) bank
Using Internet Banking of Local (Overseas) bank
Local (overseas) bank should have the facility of International Fund Transfer through Internet Banking. Client may enquire the same with their overseas local bank.
1. Fetch the information required for Wire Transfer using ‘Simply-Wire Online Form’ Click Here
2. Login to Internet Banking of local (overseas) bank and search for appropriate option to send International funds transfer in local (foreign) currency.
3. Add recipient details using the details fetched above using ‘Simply-Wire Online Form’Click Here
4. Initiate International fund transfer in local (foreign) currency.
5. Post successful transfer a transaction initiation / confirmation receipt will be generated.
# do not opt / select any option to convert funds in INR
# keep the transaction receipt saved with you for any future references.
Mandatory information while initiating fund transfer
For hassle-free & timely processing of transaction, please share the following information with your local overseas bank:

Correspondent Bank Name / Swift Code / Correspondent bank’s account numberPlease refer list of Correspondent Bank for details
Beneficiary Bank name, Address & Branch SWIFT codeProvide receiving Axis Bank’s branch name. Axis Bank SWIFT code can be mentioned as ‘AXISINBBXXX’
Beneficiary name, Account Number and Purpose of remittanceProvide the receiving (beneficiary) account details
Mention charges as "OUR"To avoid charges at beneficiary’s end

You may also use our Simply Wire Online Form
to generate the above information in one-go, which is required to initiate international fund transfer in local (foreign) currency.
For placing request for FCNR Deposits Mention beneficiary Customer-Id instead of NRE/NRO account number for opening a FCNR fixed deposit with Axis Bank. Also, mention ‘FCNR’ under remittance/sender information field to avoid funds getting converted in INR.
Schedule of Charges
a. Axis Bank does not charge anything from beneficiary other than nominal processing fees for processing Inward Wire Transfers.
b. Remitting bank / correspondent bank may levy charges for the wire transfer.
c. Foreign Currency Conversion Tax is applicable in accordance to GST Bill 2017 passed by the Government of India.
Click here for Schedule of Charges
Foreign Exchange Rates
The Card Rate prevailing on the date of credit to beneficiary’s account would be the applicable exchange rate.
Click here for Foreign Exchange Rates
Looking for the best money transfer service from USA or Canada? Axis Bank offers you wire transfer through which you can do an online wire transfer from USA and send money back to India quickly. Through this service, you can also wire transfer from Canada. With arrangements with over 200 major banks across the globe, Axis Bank’s online wire transfer offers to receive SWIFT messages that ensure safe and secure remittance to your Axis Bank account from any place of your choice.


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