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Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) frauds

Safeguard yourself against AePS frauds

There have been sporadic instances of fraudsters using cloned fingerprints to initiate and authenticate AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) transactions.

Here’s how they typically operate:

  • Credentials required - Fraudsters gets access to Aadhaar card numbers and cloned fingerprints to perpetrate the fraud.
  • Data Theft – Biometric information of the victim is illegally obtained from land records and / or physical documents.
  • Hence, always verify the authenticity of the person / agency seeking your biometrics for any purported scheme like government subsidy etc.
  • Fingerprint Cloning Process – Victim’s Aadhaar linked biometric fingerprints are cloned by creating silicon fingerprint replicas.
  • Unauthorized Transaction- Using the cloned fingerprints, AePS transactions are authenticated, and money is withdrawn from the victim’s bank account.

To safeguard against cloned fingerprints scam in AePS:

  • Aadhaar security- Never share your Aadhaar number and biometric information with anyone, unless required by a trusted authority.
  • Regularly check transaction and transaction alerts - Monitor your SMS / Email alerts and bank statements for transactions regularly.
  • Be cautious- Be wary of calls, messages or emails requesting your Aadhaar or banking information or any similar red flags.
  • Report frauds - If you are a victim of such frauds, file a complaint via the complaint portal (https://www.npci.org.in/register-a-complaint) or dial helpline number 1930 to report the incident on National Cybercrime Reporting Portal www.cybercrime.gov.in and your Bank.

Some of the Do’s are:

  • Create a virtual ID (VID) to use instead of your Aadhaar number for online transactions.
  • Lock or unlock your biometrics, to prevent any unauthorized access.
  • Update your mobile number and email ID with your Aadhaar, to receive OTPs and alerts.

Some of the Don’ts are:

  • Don’t leave your Aadhaar letter or card unattended or share it on social media or public platforms.
  • Don’t store your biometric information or Aadhaar data in any unprotected devices.
  • Don’t print or display your personally identifiable Aadhaar data mapped with other sensitive information.

Be alert, think before you act & stay safe.