Now schedule your recurring payments
with UPI Autopay

What is UPI Autopay?

Are you worried that you may forget the monthly subscription for a service that you are availing? Or do you need to pay a merchant at a later date, but want to ensure that you don’t forget the date and it is paid on time? In both cases you can use UPI Autopay. This feature allows users to commit towards payments where the amount has to be transferred in future or at a later date, thereby ensuring the payment happens automatically and seamlessly on the day chosen for payment.

The UPI Autopay functionality allows you to create a UPI mandate for a service/merchant payment to be made at a later date. When this mandate is executed the customer’s account is debited on the set date. It can be executed as a “one time” or “recurring transaction”.

  • Set payments easily using existing UPI accounts and Merchant Websites.

  • No late fee or default of payments on services leading to continued service

  • Automated process, no intervention needed

Enabling Autopay on Merchant Apps

Follow the steps below to enable the Auto-pay function through merchant apps

Create a Mandate

  • Go to the Merchant App’s Payments page
  • Select “Pay By UPI”. Make sure you select the UPI Id which ends with @UPI or @axl or any other UPI ID of a app that is enabled for UPI Autopay.
  • Enter mandate (select the Auto renew option)

Accept Payee Initiated Mandates

  • A notification will be sent to your Autopay enabled UPI app
  • Click on the notification. Under mandates you will be able to see request from your merchant app for example:
  • Approve this. Your auto-payment through UPI is set
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Banking made easy without Internet
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