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A credit card is a payment card that allows you to borrow money to pay for goods and services. Axis Bank offers a wide range of credit cards, including lifestyle cards, travel cards, and business cards. With our instant credit cards, we offer a variety of benefits, such as rewards points, cashback, and travel insurance. Whether you're a frequent traveler, a shopaholic, or a business owner, Axis Bank has a credit card that's perfect for you.

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    Which is the Best Credit Card for You?

    The best credit card for you would be the one that you choose based on the credit limit as per your expenses. This, however, also depends on your credit score. For instance, if you have a low credit score resulting from failure to make credit card payment bills on time, then you may face some restrictions when you apply for credit card.

    But if you are a first-time credit card holder, here is how you can choose the best credit card for yourself:

    • Monthly expenses:
      Choose a credit card whose limit is close to your monthly expenses. If you have a lower credit limit, prioritise only the payments which should be made through your credit card.
    • Rewards & Points:
      You could also select a credit card that offers certain additional benefits such as cashback and discounts on your purchases or complimentary access to airport lounges.
    • Choice of Payments:
      While many credit cards are generally restricted to certain payment modes, many others can allow you to pay across different digital channels for online credit card payment.
    • Card fees & Charges:
      Credit cards will have slightly different interest rates depending on the bank or the provider that offers the card. Therefore, always compare the interest rates before you choose a credit card.
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    Things to Know Before Applying for a Credit Card

    • Credit Card Statement
      The credit card statement shows the credit card bill, the outstanding amount on the card, the due date and also the details of the transactions made throughout the month. It is generated every 30 or 31 days and need not necessarily be the 1st day of each month; rather, it is the date when the card is issued. The credit card statement is sent on the cardholder’s registered email ID.
    • Transferring of Funds
      In India, it is not possible to transfer your funds from your credit card to another bank account, but you can use a third-party website or mobile application for this. A debit card enables you to transfer money from your debit card to another bank account through mobile or internet banking.
    • Reward Points System
      Every time you make a purchase on your credit card, you can earn reward points on the purchase. When these points accumulate, you can redeem them against gift vouchers, cash or airline miles. However, these reward points have an expiry date, and you need a minimum number of points to be able to redeem them.
    • Factors that Affect Your Credit Score
      Your credit card CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) score will not be directly affected if you apply for a credit card online and it is rejected. However, if you default on your payments and your income source is unstable, or if you do not meet the credit card eligibility criteria, then such factors can impact your CIBIL score. Therefore, it is always important to make your credit card bill payment on time. In addition, one way to successfully get a credit card would be to reapply for a new card and avoid the mistakes made during the previous attempt.
    • Credit Card Fraud
      It is possible that your credit card details may be stolen when you make an online credit card payment. Online phishing and fraud on fake websites, suspicious calls and emails and any other dubious communication can lead to credit card fraud. In the event of such a mishap, immediately inform your bank or credit card company of the fraud, which can help them investigate the cybercrime and protect your financial data.
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    Do’s and Don’ts for Credit Cards

    Using a Card Credit for your regular purchases, especially for big ticket items is a safe and secure way of making payments. The benefits of using a credit card include cashless transactions and reward points that can be redeemed for cashback offers and other deals. While using a credit card follow these do’s and don’ts to ensure that you don’t go overboard and end up repaying outstanding amounts with high interest rates

    1. There are a wide range of credit cards meant to suit every budget and catering to customers with varying needs. Do a thorough research and find out about the interest rates, credit limits, grace period, etc before zeroing in on a credit card.
    2. Read the terms and conditions before you apply for credit card. Some credit cards may have no annual fee, while some may have an annual fee but waive it off if the spend on the card crosses a certain threshold during in a year. Some credit cards may waive off the annual fee in the first year, but introduce it in the subsequent years.
    3. If your bank sends communication about an increase in credit card interest rates, make a note of it and keep track of your payments.
    4. Ensure you repay the entire credit card outstanding in full every month. This will keep your credit card spends under check and build your credit score over the long term.
    5. If you are unable to repay in full, convert your transaction into an EMI and repay regularly. This will help you save on interest and penalty on delayed payment.
    6. Keep your credit utilisation ratio to 30-40% of your credit limit as it reflects positively in your credit report.
    7. Keep track of your payment date and credit period to avoid delay in payment or default.
    8. Opt for receiving credit card alerts from your bank. This will help keep track of your payments as well as detect any fraudulent transaction in time and take timely action.
    9. Block your card immediately if you misplace it or if it gets stolen to prevent misuse.
    10. If you notice any fraudulent transaction in your card statement, lodge a complaint with your bank immediately as disputed complaint.

    1. Don’t go overboard with your card spends. If you are unable to repay the outstanding amount, you may find yourself with a huge debt burden.
    2. Don’t pay only the minimum amount due on your credit card every month. By doing this and carrying forward the remaining amount for the next month, you may end up with a huge credit card outstanding.
    3. Don’t apply for too many credit cards as it will be reflect negatively in your credit history.
    4. Don’t utilise your entire credit limit every month as it will reflect negatively in your credit score and show you as credit hungry.

    How to apply?

    1. Click here or visit your nearest Axis Bank Branch
    2. Fill in your basic details like name, mobile number, PAN and check for your Credit Card Eligibility
    3. Select from our wide range of Credit Card Offers and complete your application.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A credit card is an instrument to help you make instant credit based transactions.
    Unlike debit cards which are linked to your bank accounts and debit the corresponding amount for every transaction, credit cards offer you the flexibility to make transactions on credit independent of your account balance. These amounts however are repayable at the end of a pre-specified credit period, and each credit card involves a credit limit beyond which transactions cannot be made.

    You can apply for credit card with Axis Bank:

    • Online by checking out Axis Bank credit cards
    • By getting in touch with your relationship manager
    • Or visiting your nearest Axis Bank branch

    To be eligible for a credit card with Axis Bank:

    • You must be over 18 years of age
    • You must be a resident of India
    • In case you are the primary card holder, you must have a regular source of income.

    While these are the general conditions to avail of a credit card additional criteria may exist depending upon the type of credit card you choose. You can browse through the list of Credit Cards offered by Axis Bank here and apply for credit card that best suits your needs.

    Axis Bank Credit Cards are designed keeping in mind the various uses and lifestyles customers may adhere to. With exclusive benefits on transaction for food, travel, e-commerce and or a combination of these.
    Some advantages of Axis Bank credit cards include:

    • Complementary flight tickets
    • Discounts on movie tickets
    • Waiver of fuel surcharges
    • Access to airport lounges
    • Discounted deals on hotel bookings and restaurant orders

    The credit card limit, also known as the credit limit, is the limit assigned to the cardholder by the bank or fixed by the issuing company. This indicates the maximum amount one can spend on their credit card and is determined on the basis of the credit score given by the credit rating agency TransUnion CIBIL Ltd. (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited).

    It is important to note that the total outstanding or the total transactions made through this card, which also include the associated fees and charges, should not be above the credit limit.

    As a first-time user of a credit card, you will receive a lower credit limit considering that the bank is not familiar with your spending pattern and your ability to make your credit card bill payment.

    The credit score of a credit card reflects the creditworthiness of the cardholder. This means if you make purchases or transactions with your credit card and settle the credit card bill payment by the due date, your credit score will be high.

    As per the credit rating agency, TransUnion CIBIL Ltd. (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited), try and maintain a minimum credit score of 750 to ensure better offers and quicker approval on new credit cards. On the other hand, a CIBIL score of 900 indicates high creditworthiness, and such a score will enable you to get better benefits when it comes to your credit card.

    The CIBIL score, as it is called, is an important criterion that will be considered by your bank or the credit card company before they issue a new credit card to you.

    However, it is important to note that the credit score may be subject to changes periodically.

    Yes, there are many credit cards that let you enjoy credit card rewards such as airport lounge benefits such as airline customer service, free Wi-Fi connection, comfortable seating arrangements and refreshments while you wait for your boarding call. It is advised that you check the product features of your credit card to know more about these benefits.

    While some of these services may be free of cost, other benefits may incur additional charges based on the terms and conditions of your bank or credit card company.

    Under the Axis Bank Airport Lounge Access Program, there are different types of credit cards that offer limited or unlimited complimentary airport lounge access across different cities on domestic and international flights. However, Axis Bank does not guarantee the benefits and privileges at the participating airport lounges, which may be subject to the guidelines of the airport management.

    Each month, when you receive your credit card statement, you need to make the credit card bill payment to avoid any penalties. However, to ease out the process, you are required to pay a ‘minimum amount’ before the due date so that a late fee is not levied. Once this amount has been paid, interest rates will be charged on the pending amount.

    To ensure that you do not have to face the hassle of late payment fees, ensure that you pay the total amount instead of the minimum amount before the due date.

    Your credit card should be used for digital payments as and when you need to use it. However, it is not compulsory to use your credit card each month. Furthermore, your credit card will not be cancelled in case you do not make payments on the card for a particular month.

    However, there will be applicable annual fees that you may be required to pay if you don’t use your credit card for a long time.

    In case you happen to lose your credit card or if it is stolen, immediately access your mobile banking application or log in to your internet banking account to block your credit card. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the customer care of your bank or credit card company to inform them of the loss so that they can block your credit card soon.

    Yes, you can apply for credit card online on the Axis Bank website. Once you provide your details such as mobile phone number, income, PAN Number, etc. (for a new customer). The card limit will be fixed based on your income number. You can also apply using the Axis mobile app

    If the card is an international credit card, it can be used for transactions – both online and offline. Using your Axis mobile app, you also have the option to switch off the feature or decide what kinds of transactions it can be used for. For instance, you can choose to use it only for online shopping but not at POS or ATMs, and so on.

    The overall credit limit is decided based on the type of card you hold. In addition, you can also set the limit you want for each kind of transaction, such as online, POS, ATM, Tap and Pay. You can also set separate limit for international transactions, if you hold an international credit card.

    You can redeem your Axis Bank credit card points against the EDGE loyalty rewards catalogue. The number of points you earn will vary based on the type of credit card you hold. You can also earn higher reward points for transactions with partner brands of Axis Bank credit cards.

    For terms and conditions associated with Axis Bank Credit Cards, please click here.

    To generate Credit Card PIN online
    1. Log in into your Axis mobile app using your MPIN
    2. Click on Credit Cards and select Set PIN
    3. Click on Send OTP
    4. Verify the OTP once you receive it
    5. Enter the PIN, confirm it and click on Set PIN
    6. Enter your MPIN and confirm your PIN

    You can make payment for your Axis Bank credit card in the following ways:
    (1) Through Axis Bank Internet Banking from your Savings Bank Account by going to the Credit Cards section
    (2) Through the Axis Mobile app by going to the Credit Card tab
    (3) At the ATM by entering your credit card number and paying from your Savings Account
    (4) You can set up Auto Debit facility for the minimum amount due or total amount due via the mobile app under Credit Card Services
    (5) Via checque at a local branch