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Life Insurance

Check our life insurance plans that let you protect yourself
and your family as well as generate income


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Life Insurance

Maturity / Death Benefits

Premium Payment Benefits

Other Benefits

100% sum assured as lump sum on death &High Sum Assured Discounts.

A 30-day Free-Look period

Medium to Low risk profile investment options available

Go the extra mile to ensure security and happiness for your family, with the right life insurance cover

No death benefit if snnuity is taken else Return of purchase price xexcluding Service Tax in case of annuity with return of purchase price option.

Choose one time lump sum amount

Option to choose the mode of payout

A non-linked traditional annuity plan that guarantees a regular income after retirement

Protection till age 100 years

Flexible premium payment terms

Flexible Bonus Options Terminal illness benefit

Get guaranteed benefits right from the outset and fulfil your family's dreams, in a world of uncertainty

Maturity benefit depends on the investment option chosen. Death benefit higher of fund or 105% of the cumulative premiums paid xincluding top up premiums, if any.

Single pay Regular pay

Equity participation to build a large retirement corpus and at the same time offers a guarantee to protect your savings from market downturns.

A Unit Linked Pension Plan that helps you build retirement corpus.

Guaranteed death and maturity benefit

7 / 10 / 15 / 20 years

Life Insurance coverage till the age 75 years Money Back feature

A Traditional, Participating, Money-Back Life Insurance Plan

Sum Assured plus the Fund Value as on the date of death, subject to a minimum of 105% of all premiums paid till the date of death.

7 or 10 Years

Wealth creation balances the equity and debt exposure automatically Flexible protection cover

A Non-Participating Unit Linked Life Insurance Plan

Financial security for your family Increase your funds with Guaranteed Loyalty Additions

Options of Premium Payment Term and Policy Term to cater to your need 

Safeguarding your Fund against market volatilities with Systematic Transfer Plan and Dynamic Fund Allocation Investment Flexibility to Choose from 5 Fund Options

Achieve your goals and plan finances better with the right portfolio strategies and fund options

Guaranteed Death Benefit

Flexible Premium Payment Terms and Policy Terms

Terminal Illness Benefit Flexible Bonus Options

Save systematically and build a corpus to fulfil important goals at every stage of life

Maturity & Death Benefit and Increase Your Fund With Guaranteed Loyalty Additions

Choose Your Policy Term Basis Your Need

Safeguarding Your Fund Against Market Volatility With Systematic Transfer Plan And Dynamic Fund Allocation

Get a life insurance plan that offers a comprehensive solution to secure a bright future for your child

Survival Benefit: Income Benefit + Terminal Benefit


Flexibility to choose Policy Term

Get guaranteed benefits right from the outset and fulfil your family's dreams, in a world of uncertainty

Lump Sum Benefit on Maturity Survival Benefit: Income Benefit + Terminal Benefit


Policy Continuance Benefit Tax Benefit

Take care of your financial needs with guaranteed monthly income for 10 years and a lump-sum benefit

Maturity & Death Benefit with comprehensive Life insurance coverage

Option to choose Premium Payment Term and Policy Term as per your convenience

Your choice of Funds & Investment strategies Low charges to boost your returns

Achieve your ambitions and keep your family secure with a plan that lets you create additional wealth

There is no Maturity / Death Benefit under this plan.

Regular premium payment Term will be equal to policy term.

Lump sum benefit, waiver of premium benefit, Income benefit.

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