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Earn points for Credit Card transactions, and redeem them for 500+ options

Credit Card

With EDGE REWARDS make your shopping experience more rewarding by earning points when you shop with your Credit Card. The reward points earned can be spent on over 500 exciting rewards spread across various categories.

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List of transactions where you can earn points

Credit Cards Points per Rs. 200 spent
Freecharge Cards 1 Point
Commercial Card 1-2 Points
Shopping Reward Card 2 Point
Neo Card 1 Point
Buzz Card 2-6 Points**
Silver Cards 2-4 Points
Gold Cards 2-4 Points
Titanium Cards 2-8 Points
Pride Platinum Card 4 Points
My Zone Cards 4 Points
My Choice Card4 Points
My Wings Card4 Points
My Business Cards 4 Points
Platinum Card4 Points
Pride Signature Card 8 Points
Signature Cards 10-20 Points
Infinite Reserve Card 10-20 Points
Privilege Credit Card 10 Points
Select Card 10-20 Points*
Axis Pay Card 10 Points***
Magnus Card12 Points****
IndianOil Credit Card#20 points per INR 100 spent at any IOCL fuel outlets in India
# Transact in India at IOCL fuel outlets between INR 100 and INR 5000 per month to avail the offer
* On Select Credit Card earn 20 points on "Retail Shopping spends"
** Buzz Card earn 6 points on online shopping (other than travel)
*** Activation offer : Earn 50 bonus points on 1st transaction & Earn 200 bonus points on completion of first 5 successful transactions
**** Magnus Credit Card earn 2x points on Online travel spends

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