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Beware of Call Forwarding Scam

Please be informed about this new call forwarding scam wherein fraudsters approach you and impersonate an authorised representative from a legitimate organization and trick you into dialing a code purportedly for troubleshooting, which results in your calls getting forwarded to the fraudster’s number and compromising of your sensitive personal and financial information.

Modus Operandi:

  • Scammers pose themselves as an authorised representative of a legitimate organization, such as E-commerce customer service agents, telecom service providers, tech support agents, etc.
  • They initiate contact, using a false identity, e.g. claiming to be a delivery person and facing an issue locating the address of parcel’s recipient to gain the recipient’s trust.
  • Scammer asks recipient to dial an extension code followed by a contact number of the delivery person in this format - 401*<10-digit mobile number>.
  • This code (*401*) is deceptively presented as a prerequisite to ensure the successful delivery of the parcel, implying that the failure to dial the code would result in the non-delivery of the parcel.
  • As soon as the code is dialed, your incoming calls, messages, sensitive information including PINs, OTPs etc. are redirected to scammer’s number, leading to financial loss.

Safeguarding measures:

  • Always verify the legitimacy of any call or message requesting changes to your device settings, especially call forwarding
  • Never dial any code or send SMS from your number at the behest of any unsolicited caller
  • Contact your service provider through their official website to verify any such request
  • Enable two-factor authentication on you accounts for an added layer of security
  • Never share any sensitive personal or financial information with anyone or click on any unsolicited links
  • Do not blindly follow instructions or take immediate actions based on urgent requests from unverified callers
  • Regularly check your phone’s settings, especially call forwarding options, to ensure they haven’t been altered without your knowledge.
  • Ensure your phone’s operating system and anti-virus software are updated with the latest security patches.

To report a cyber crime, dial helpline number 1930 (earlier 155260) or report the incident on National Cybercrime Reporting Portal www.cybercrime.gov.in

To know how to file a complaint to Axis Bank, watch this video.

Be alert, think before you act & stay safe