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Beware of fraudsters posing as Law Enforcement Officers

Avoid the prevalent Courier and Parcel Scams

In the recent past, fraudsters have been posing as law enforcement agency officers and defrauding customers by manipulating them. We request you to take caution and stay alert against such illicit activities.

Modus Operandi:

Under this ‘courier scam’, customers are called and placed under duress by claiming that a package in their name has been intercepted or confiscated, which contains illicit items like drugs and that they are involved in “money laundering” or terror activities.

To intensify the pressure, the call may be transferred to a fake ‘police officer’ (unit names used – Crime Branch, Anti-Narcotics unit, etc.).

To verify account details and avoid arrest or legal consequences, they coerce their victims into paying a hefty fine, transfer a sum of money or solicit sensitive information, like the victim’s Aadhaar and PAN card details, which are misused to access the customer’s account.

How to prevent this fraud

  • Always verify the status of any package directly from the official courier company website
  • Avoid providing your personal information or clicking on links received via unsolicited call, SMS or email or WhatsApp
  • Never share sensitive information, credentials or OTP with anyone, especially over the phone
  • If you receive any suspicious delivery or are unsure about the legitimacy of the delivery agent, do not accept the parcel and reject access to your home
  • If any call raises suspicions, end the call immediately without engaging further
  • Open and check any delivery parcel before making any payment and/or confirming delivery