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CSR Focus Areas & Programs

The CSR Focus Areas of the Bank are aligned to the Schedule VII (list of permissible CSR activities) of the Companies Act, 2013.

These include:

  • Creating meaningful socio-economic impact in the lives of vulnerable and underprivileged sections of the society that include amongst others, differently-abled, street children, destitute women, children of sexually exploited women, economically weaker sections and victims of natural and other disasters including war and acts of terrorism.
  • Enhancing sustainable livelihood through interventions in the areas of natural resource management, agriculture, horticulture and livestock development, rural development, traditional arts and handicrafts, micro-enterprise, vocational training and skill development.
  • Promoting measures to eradicate hunger, poverty and malnutrition, and promoting preventive health care and sanitation.
  • Promoting education, including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills especially among children, women, elderly and the differently-abled, and livelihood enhancement projects. This would also include initiatives to promote financial literacy, consumer education and awareness, and capacity and skill building in various sectors of the economy in alignment with the various Government initiatives.
  • Promoting environmental sustainability, ecological balance and conservation of natural resources and maintaining quality of soil, air and water through various initiatives such as resource conservation, renewable energy and energy efficiency amongst others.
  • Contributing to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund or any other fund set up by the Government for socio-economic development.

The Bank undertakes several CSR programs guided by its Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility. The activities are implemented by the Bank or by the Axis Bank Foundation or through any other Trust or agencies and entities as deemed suitable.


  • Special education for the differently-abled:
    Support basic, secondary and vocational education for differently-abled children and youth. Increase outreach to the differently-abled and provide them with access to education (at the primary, secondary and higher secondary levels) and vocational training.
  • Access to quality education for street children and children of sexually-exploited women:
    Provide education to street children and children of sexually exploited women and facilitate access to age-appropriate formal education and vocational opportunities.
  • Financial literacy:
    Advance the agenda of Financial Inclusion by creating awareness, educating and empowering sections of society which do not have access to formal banking system through financial literacy initiatives.
  • Consumer education and awareness:
    Promote financial education and awareness amongst consumers at large and school children. Disseminate knowledge on managing finances etc. to consumers at large which may include aspects safe banking practices, tax planning, saving and investing and other relevant financial knowledge.
  • Support MSME sector capability enhancement:
    Provide support to MSME sector through dissemination of knowledge leading to enhancement of sector capabilities.

Vocational Education and Training

  • Support vocational education, life skill coaching and career counselling:
    Provide orientation and handholding support to children of secondary and higher secondary level on available career options, and employable vocational and technical skills.
  • Skill development through vocational education and training:
    Provide skilling, re-skilling and multi-skilling support to youth for gainful employment

Livelihood Enhancement and Rural Development

  • Natural resource management, soil and water conservation:
    Management of natural resources leading to more productive outcome for agriculture and associated livelihood. Support rural and village communities through non-farm based livelihood development.
  • Access to finance/financial inclusion and entrepreneurship development:
    Support creation of sustainable income sources through micro-finance and microenterprise development and strengthen mechanisms for alternative livelihood.

Medical Relief and Trauma Care

The Bank has been working on providing medical relief and trauma care for victims of accidents through its Foundation. It also seeks to create a trained community of service providers who can provide immediate assistance to victims of accidents. The Bank shall continue working on such programs as part of its overall contributions towards promoting healthcare.

Environmental Sustainability

The Bank is sensitive towards its role in ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance and conservation of natural resources and will pursue projects that conserve resources and enhance environment such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.


The Bank shall work towards improving/providing sanitation facilities for communities/schools.

Humanitarian Relief

The Bank will support relief efforts during natural and other calamities in India.

Armed Forces Veterans

The Bank will institute a program for the benefit of armed forces veterans, war widows and their dependents, widows of armed forces injured in action.

Capacity Building of Personnel and NGO Partners

The Bank will build the capabilities of its own personnel as well as that of executing and implementing agencies through training, conferences and experience sharing programmes.

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