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Impersonation scams are practices of copying identifying elements of a person, brand or organization for fraudulent purposes. Simply put, an impersonator pretends to be someone else to get an advantage. This motivation usually lies in stealing sensitive data.

  • STOP

    • Please be informed, we do not ever contact our customers using our toll-free/helpline numbers.
    • You might be pressurized to act immediately. The caller pressurizes you to rush causing a level of panic. Texts or messages may include a ‘hook’ to grab your attention.
    • Stop and Think before divulging any information like CVV, OTP, PIN, A/c No., etc. Bank does not ask for these details.

    • Always verify and reconfirm the authenticity of the information seeker or recipient before sharing any information or initiating any action.
    • Bank will not ask for your CVV, OTP, PIN, Card Number, Passwords, etc. Do not share these details with anyone.

    • Block your Credit/Debit cards immediately, in case of a fraud. SMS BLOCKCARD to 56161600 or +918691000002.
      Click Here to watch the video on ‘How to report a Fraudulent Transaction?’
    • Report any financial or cyber related crimes immediately to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) – National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal via their toll-free helpline number ‘1930’ or website –