IBC 2016 Disclosure

"Pursuant to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“Code”) and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Information Utility) Regulations, 2017, (“Regulation”), National E-Governance Services Limited ("NeSL"), an Information Utility, has been set up and has started operations. In accordance with the provisions of the Code and the Regulation, Banks are mandated to submit information relating to the Credit facilities availed by the borrowers to the Information Utility." NeSL shall store the financial information as defined under Section 3(13) of the IBC 2016 and will be inter alia used to prove default in respect of a debt.

Post submission of Financial Information by Bank, NESL will send an email to Borrowers/Guarantors on their registered e-mail Id as per the records submitted by Bank, requesting the Borrower to verify and authenticate the information. The Borrowers/Guarantors are required to register Borrower entity on NeSL(IU) platform, as a one-time process, by accessing the link provided in the email or by visiting NeSL website . The registration process requires an authorized representative to identify himself/herself using mobile OTP based Aadhaar authentication and to submit requisite information along with supporting documents. Subsequent to the registration, Borrowers can view and authenticate the information submitted by the Bank by signing the same with Aadhaar e-sign or e-token based digital signature. For further assistance in Registration & Authentication process, Borrowers may contact NeSL Help Desk Team @ 1800 5992345 / Helpdesk@nesl.co.in.