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Interest Rates on Loans*

Floating rate Loans linked to the External benchmark rate are calculated as follows:

  • The Benchmark rate is the RBI Repo Rate (currently 5.40%)
  • The Bank charges an additional rate over the Benchmark Rate, called spread, to arrive at the final lending rate
  • The lending rate for existing customers is reset once in three months or as decided by the Bank, whichever is earlier.
  • The bank reviews the benchmark rate and the applicable spread at the beginning of every month. These rates are applicable till the next review

For Loans on Marginal Cost based Lending Rate:

  • MCLR; Marginal Cost based lending rate is 7.90%
  • MCLR rates are reset once every six months

For Loans on Base rate/MRR/BPLR:

  • The Bank’s current base rate is - 9.00%
  • The Mortgage Reference Rate (MRR) is 13.90%
  • Basic Prime Lending Rate (BPLR) is 16.75%