Sparsh Board


Peeyush Agarwal
Executive Vice President, Home Buying

Peeyush leads the Home Buying business at Axis. Prior to this, he led Strategy & Transformation at Axis Bank and was responsible for setting the overall strategic goals and direction for the Bank and driving execution together with other leaders to achieve the same. This included Strategy, M&A and Investments, Customer Experience, Transformation, Intelligent Automation, Service Quality, Data Quality and governance of all subsidiaries of the Bank.

At Axis, Peeyush has led programs to transform core operations and customer facing onboarding and servicing journeys through the use of technology and automation, while enabling frontline colleagues by freeing up their time and providing industry first digital enablement solutions. Peeyush is the convenor for the Customer Service Committee of the Board (CSCB) and Management Committee meetings of the Bank’s top management.

Prior to Axis Bank, Peeyush worked in executive leadership roles with global banks (e.g. Commonwealth Bank and Bankwest in Australia) as well as leading consulting firms (Associate Partner at McKinsey & Co, Partner at EY), and has designed and coded financial systems for a few years.  He has ~20 years of experience in industry and consulting across most markets in Middle East, and Asia Pacific, advising on and executing programs to address complex strategic and operational problems.

Peeyush holds a post graduate diploma from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and Bachelors in Engineering from Pune University. Peeyush is an avid reader, rider, sports enthusiast and boxer, with an interest in spirituality and social contribution.