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Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator - Re-investment certificate (RIC)

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Note :Here a month is considered as 30 days and a year as 365 days.

Re-investment Calculator

If you have intent to invest, the options available are plenty. From Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to Fixed deposit (FD) to Recurring deposit (RD), you have the option of choosing from a wide variety of investment avenues to save and grow your money. A Re-investment Certificate or RIC is also an investment option that gives you great returns on your investment. Most people look out for the more common deposits schemes, but by investing in a Re-investment certificate or RIC, the interest earned is automatically re-invested in the principal amount at quarterly intervals thereby giving you a higher return. The investment can reap you very high returns and can be very fruitful.

But before opting for the RIC as an investment option you can always check the return of your investment on the Re-investment certificate calculator. An RIC Calculator helps you gauge and understand your investment amount and what to expect from it in terms of returns. It breaks-up your investment and gives you a complete picture. With a RIC Calculator at your disposal, making a decision regarding your investment becomes simpler and quicker as you have the option of applying immediately. You can be certain that this product will get you high returns.