Forgot to pay your monthly bill? Use Axis Bank Bill Pay   

4 MinsDec 20, 2022

Varun Shankar leads a busy life. Having just started his own business, he devoted every possible minute of his day to growing his venture from the ground up. In such cases, remembering the due dates of utility bills was a challenge and Varun started forgetting to pay his electricity bills on time. Once, the electricity department cut off the power supply to his house. Moreover, defaulting on electricity bills was also hampering his credit score. This is a fact he was unaware of and discovered only when he applied for a business loan and got rejected.

Forgot to pay your monthly bill? Use Axis Bank Bill Pay

Fed up with this, he started looking for a suitable solution. This is when Axis Bank's Bill Pay feature came to his rescue. He discovered an easy way of paying his utility bills, and from then on, there was no looking back. Now his bill payments are handled by the Bill Pay feature, and he devotes his time to nurturing his business.

Wondering what Axis Bank Bill Pay did? Here's how it helped Varun.

Bill Pay - The Concept

Axis Bank's Bill Pay system is an automated payment system for utility bills. This feature allows you to view and pay bills online within the due date.

Bill Pay - How it works

Once Varun opted for the Bill Pay feature, he got the following benefits:

  • Addition of multiple billers
    He was able to add multiple billers such as his insurance company, electricity provider, mobile connection provider and telephone service provider to the list of billers. This allowed him to conveniently pay all his bills from one place.

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  • Online bill payment
    With Bill Pay, Varun was able to view and pay bills online with a few clicks. He does not need to visit bill payment centers or stand in queues. He need not visit multiple biller websites for bill payments. He could check his bills in one place and pay them easily with a few clicks.
  • Automated bill payments
    Bill Pay allowed Varun to set up the auto pay mandate for his billers up to a specified limit. These bills automatically get debited from his bank account as the bills get generated.
  • Scheduled payment dates
    Bill Pay gave Varun the flexibility to schedule the bill payment date of his choice, provided it is before the due date. This ensured that he can have funds in his account before the due date.

Axis Bank's Bill Pay feature allowed Varun to check and track his utility bills to estimate the costs he incurs on utility payments every month. This helps him plan his monthly budget more effectively. 

Today, Varun’s business is growing and his bills are getting paid duly. Whether paying electricity bills online or continuing the insurance coverage through regular premium payments, Bill Pay has helped him manage his payments effectively. His family members and friends also use the feature to pay their bills timely. He highly recommends this simple yet useful tool and believes that it can bring a radical change in the way you pay your bills. Try it today!

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