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Virtual Credit Card: Everything you need to know

5 MinsJan 12, 2023

Virtual credit cards are a convenient way to shop online. They help you protect your identity online and use multiple cards in one account. A virtual card is similar to your existing credit cards, but they are not physically present in your wallet. These are online cards, so you can shop online and pay for your order at checkout - no need for cashier lines or waiting in line for a purchase receipt!

Virtual Credit Card: Everything You Need to Know

The benefits far outweigh the risks of using your real card, so why not give it a try? This article will offer you everything you need to know about virtual credit cards or VCCs.

What is a virtual credit card?

A VCC or virtual credit card, unlike traditional credit cards, is just an add-on credit card created on your principal credit card. This virtual credit card, as the name implies, is completely digital and therefore, can't be held physically. You can only use this free virtual credit card online, which means that all the credit card information, like the card number, expiration date, CVV and so on, can only be viewed digitally.

What are the features of a virtual credit card?

  • Virtual credit cards safeguard you from any privacy compromise through any unsecured network connection.
  • This virtual card can be generated using the bank's online banking service.
  • You just need to use your smartphone to transact using virtual credit cards.
  • An instant virtual credit card is intended for one-time usage only and therefore, is only active for 48 hours. These instant-approval virtual credit cards assist users to protect their online identity.
  • A virtual credit card is only provided to primary cardholders.
  • As a virtual credit card is transitory and discarded after a certain number of transactions, it gives an extra level of protection.
  • If virtual credit card information enters into the clutches of a scammer, you may easily terminate that virtual card without needing to shut down your whole credit card account.
  • Virtual credit cards can be built for a particular use only. For such instances, if a scammer acquires the information of your VCC through a data leak or insecure internet access, the card will be rendered invalid.
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Axis Bank virtual credit cards

Axis Bank offers two virtual VISA cards for their customers to enhance their online transaction experience. These cards are:


The appeal of a virtual credit card is simple: it replaces the need for you to carry around a physical credit card with one that can be used on your mobile devices and computers. This means that when you are making purchases online, you can just use your virtual credit cards. You will love this feature because you'll be able to avoid losing important credit cards in public spaces.

Furthermore, you can use their phones as mobile wallets and can easily access all of your account information no matter where you are. Apply for a virtual credit card now!

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