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Build your home gym with an Axis Bank personal loan

7 MinsSeptember 05, 2019

All of us desire to lead healthy lives and be physically fit. One way to achieve this is by joining a gym. It is easy today, given that you can find a health club or fitness center in almost every residential locality. This is true of not just the top metro cities, but even smaller towns in India.

But here’s how a typical gym membership pans out. We sign up for a year because we get attractive discounts. We are regular for the first fortnight or so. Then we start finding excuses to not go to the gym on a regular basis: Too much traffic, it’s raining, it does not open early enough before you leave for work, it shuts before you reach home from work, it’s too crowded and you have to wait a long time to use the equipment and so on. And before you know it, the year has passed us by without fully utilising the membership and our waistline has expanded by a couple of inches.

How can you get access to a gym whenever you want? Simple, set up your personal gym at home. You can even customise it to meet your specific needs.

home gym

It’s quite economical to set up a gym at home. You can start your home gym for a few thousand rupees and scale it up in time. An Axis Bank Personal Loan which comes at a reasonable EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) can help you get into shape in the comfort of your home and at your convenience. It’s much easier than you think and you will be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Another advantage is that individual members of the family need not pay for separate gym memberships. Once set up, the gym is for everyone to use at their convenience.

You need some basic gym equipment to start. You will need dumbbells of different weights, an Olympic barbell, rubber or metal plates to rack on to the barbell, a flat bench, medicine balls, a Bosu ball, and rubber floor mats. The floor mats are the most important part of your home gym if you don’t want your floor cracking because of the weights.

Choose between a treadmill and a multi-station gym. Both take up space and are the most expensive items on the list. Apart from these, you will need extras like resistance bands, ankle weights and clamps.

Basic Gym Equipment:

  • Dumbbells: Start off from Rs. 400. Pairs of different sizes will cost you around Rs. 2,500.
  • Olympic barbell: Starts off from Rs. 9,000.
  • Weight plates: Start off from Rs. 1,000. Pairs of different weights will cost you around Rs. 5,000.
  • Treadmill: Starts off from Rs. 13,000.
  • Multi-station: Good ones will cost you upwards of Rs. 40,000.
  • Rubber floor mats: Around Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 10,000.
  • Bosu: Starts off from Rs. 3,500.
  • Medicine balls: Starts off from Rs. 500.
  • Resistance Bands: Starts off from Rs. 500.
  • Ankle weights: Starts from Rs. 500.
  • Flat bench: Starts off from Rs. 2,500.
  • Total: Approximately Rs. 1 lakh

Reasons why you should get a home gym:

  • No more adhering to someone else’s timing: You can work out anytime during the day or night.
  • No more waiting for someone to finish using the equipment for you to get your turn.
  • You won’t waste time travelling to and fro from the gym.
  • The gym will pay for itself in a couple of years. No more membership fees for you.
  • You can customise your gym for your requirements.
  • Bonus: You can play the music you want.

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