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5 MinsJune 17, 2021

Working from home has become the new normal, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are several positives. You can save time spent travelling by doing fun things with your family. But there are negatives too. Such as more household work and finding ways to keep your children entertained at home. As we increasingly embrace a virtual way of life, let us look at some needs that gadgets or electronics help fulfil in our lives whether it is to make it comfortable, effective or easier.

home entertainment

Home entertainment: It’s a risk going to cinema halls today. But there is no dearth of entertainment options sitting in the comfort of your home. Whether it is the latest movie, sports tournament or television series, you can experience them in your private movie hall. A decent-sized budget smart TV (32-inches) starts around Rs 15,000. Smart TVs from reputed brands start at Rs 35,000 and go up to Rs 1 lakh. Decent sound systems start from Rs 15,000 and go into lakhs.

work from home set up

Work from home (WFH) set-up: If you live in a metro, it would take you at least an hour, if not more, to commute to work. While WFH may have eliminated these commutes, you still have to spend hours in front of your laptop/desktops. In such a situation, you must have a comfortable and peaceful environment to work. That means investing in an ergonomic chair costing at least Rs. 20,000. A nice looking work desk is essential to maintain a professional atmosphere even though you are at home.

Be prepared to shell out around Rs. 30,000 for a piece of combo furniture (desk, chair, and shelf) that is comfortable and looks good. While you may have your office-provided laptop, your children need one of their own, given that schools and colleges are also conducting classes online. Laptops prices start at around Rs 50,000 and go all the way to Rs 1.5 lakh, depending on the configuration. You may also need to invest in good table lamps, starting at Rs 1000 or so. And don’t forget to get some noise-cancelling headphones, of which there is a wide range available, starting from as low as Rs 1000 and going up to about Rs 20,000 plus for a good brand. All these can add up to quite a bit.

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mobile phones

Mobile phones: Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. We spend a lot of time on mobile phones, using them for work, social media and entertainment. Mid-range phones from good brands start at Rs 20-30,000. The more expensive ones begin at Rs 65,000 and go all the way to Rs 1 lakh.


home comfort

Home comfort: In the absence of domestic help, appliances for household chores like cooking and cleaning have become essential as they can help you save time and effort. A dishwasher can cost about Rs 25,000-35,000, while a microwave can cost Rs 8,000-20,000 depending on the size, features and brand. Similarly, a budget vacuum cleaner will cost you Rs 15,000, while a high-end brand can go upwards of Rs 40,000. A washing machine from a well-known manufacturer is likely to cost around Rs. 20,000.

life upgrades

Life upgrades: Given that the family is now essentially locked up at home, you may want to indulge in some appliances like air conditioners to upgrade your lifestyle. A set of two ACs – from a well-reputed brand could cost in the region of Rs. 60-80,000.

Here’s how to buy them without undue pressure on your monthly budget.

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