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Use a Personal Loan to safeguard your home during monsoon!

4 MinsJuly 24, 2019

The monsoons are well and truly upon us. While this is good news for our water woes, it often spells trouble for our homes. Leaky roofs and ceilings, dampness, water seepage through walls and floors - these are some common problems that crop up during the monsoon. In extreme cases, walls may collapse completely if the seepage is too severe. If you live on the ground floor in a waterlogged area, you run a risk of water entering your home. Homeowners should check for the smallest signs of damage and immediately undertake repairs to ensure that this problem is contained at the start.


Home repairs cost money, but that shouldn’t deter you, as Axis Bank Personal Loans are a convenient way to ensure that you do not sacrifice safety due to budgetary constraints. The cost could range from say Rs. 25,000 for a simple painting job to a couple of lakhs if the work is more technical or involves more labour. Your location and choice of raw materials will also determine the cost. Let’s see some common measures you can undertake to protect your home during rains.

Waterproof your home

Waterproofing your home is essential in areas that receive heavy rainfall. This ensures that you are protected from extreme rainfall and you also save on repairs. This is a pro-active measure to ensure that the structure of your house is not weakened during the rains. Painting is also a good way to ensure that your home remains in good condition.

Repair leaks in ceilings and walls

Several home-owners are guilty of turning a blind eye to minor leakages when it is not raining. When the monsoon sets in suddenly, a small leak can turn into a huge problem for you. Costs will escalate if the problem gets worse. A personal loan or a home improvement loan is the perfect solution for this oversight.

Raising the height of your home

As cities get increasingly concretized, open areas where water could percolate into the ground are shrinking and the problem of waterlogging is set to rise. If you live on the ground floor, heavy rains could mean water from the street invading your home, making you a prime candidate for several diseases – not to mention damage to your furniture and valuables. It is imperative that you raise the height of your home to avoid this tragedy.

Upgrade drainage system

A bad drainage system during the rains could mean unsanitary conditions in your building or worse, inside your home. Drainage systems can be quite expensive to repair. If the drainage systems surrounding your house are not up to the mark, do not hesitate to have them strengthened or upgrade them. It is essential to maintain hygiene and health.

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