The Best Countries to study in Europe 

5 MinsMay 19, 2022

It is estimated that by 2024, 1.8 million Indian students will be studying overseas. With all kinds of financial aid available, thanks to education loans, it’s up to students to decide which university in which country will give them the most bang for their buck.

The Best Countries to study in Europe

Most students prefer North America and Australia and as a result tend to overlook Europe. It has some of the best universities globally that provide top-quality education to students. Here are some of the best countries in Europe for further studies:

Germany: Germany guarantees students with high-quality education combined with top-class research. In addition to being well known for its academic performance and employability rate, Germany is also rich in culture. And the best part – most universities offer free education if you are fluent in German.

Switzerland: Switzerland has a renowned reputation for conducting some of the world’s most ground-breaking research. If you are keen on studying different physical sciences, you should consider Switzerland. Besides, it offers excellent research opportunities which can boost your career goals.

The Netherlands: Universities and colleges in the Netherlands are committed to welcoming students from all over the world. The programmes offered in universities are taught in English, and the curriculum is adapted to give students the required training to help them become experts in their field.

Spain: Known for its friendly environment and affordable living expenses and tuition fees, Spain offers a variety of courses in some of the most renowned universities. Business schools in Spain attract students from all over the world. Spain also has some of the best courses in social sciences, journalism and hospitality. Students who study in Spain also have the added benefit of learning a language spoken by a large percentage of the global population.

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France: France has one of the most prestigious education systems globally. Over 3,500 public universities and institutions offer higher education for students. Several famous universities in the country offer some of the best business and fashion courses. Tuition fees and expenses are subsidised, reducing the loan amount students need.

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has world-renowned educational institutions commonly featured on top university lists. Some of the top universities here offer the best courses to students that attract thousands of international students from all over the globe.

Italy: Italy sees thousands of international students from all over the world every year. Some of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious universities and colleges offer courses from engineering to art and design and architecture. The country also has some of the best art, architecture and history that draw in students and the low living costs, excellent teaching, fantastic cuisines and beautiful sites.

Higher education in most European countries is more affordable for international students than say in USA. Along with some of the best universities, high-quality education and excellent teaching, students also have the advantage of learning in countries with a vibrant cultural heritage that can enrich their lives.

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