What is the difference between Internet Banking and Mobile banking?

3 minsMay 3, 2017

The Digital user is fast, sharp and always on the move. They are always connected and ready to try new products on the shelf. As far as banking is concerned, they like it swift and convenient. In a Digital world that is constantly evolving, they are always willing to keep up with the latest trends that are making banking simpler. The same has happened with the onset of Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. It has made banking simpler, easier and extremely convenient.

What started with cashless transactions with Credit Cards and Debit cards, has now moved to an all new level with Mobile apps and Internet Banking. There used to be a time when swiping a card at a shop would mean a big leap of faith but now everything is on your screen. Up, close and personal. You shop online, you pay online. You book movie tickets online and you make the payment online. Every minor transaction can happen without walking across to a vendor personally or actually exchanging cash. While some swear by Internet banking, there are some who prefer to use their mobile Apps for banking. But what is the difference between Internet Banking and Mobile Banking?

Well, first things first. It all started with Internet Banking. Mobile banking is a much latest entrant into the digital world of banking. When Internet Banking took off, it felt like the go to thing for all transactions. Never before could a customer access his/her account balance and make transactions sitting on their sofa in the comfort of their home. All you require is your customer ID and the rest falls into place. Right from making credit card payments to setting up your mutual fund and loan repayment debits, everything is a part of Internet banking. If you needed to buy anything, you could immediately make a payment online and there that was, your transaction was done. There is no waiting time; there is no need to check if there was cash in your wallet. All you needed was your login credentials.

Mobile banking is just the thing you need when you are on the move. In the absence of a laptop/computer, your mobile app is the answer to all your banking needs. Be it a phone recharge or a fund transfer, a mobile app takes care of all your basic utility bill payments for which you would, once upon a time make multiple trips. What mobile banking gives you is the freedom to make a transaction irrespective of the place or time. You maybe commuting or waiting at the airport, your mobile app is always handy! Further you can locate ATMs and add beneficiary payees. All this and more adds to your convenience as a user.

Mobile Banking and Internet banking are two sides of the same coin. The screens have changes, the sizes have become smaller and banking has become simpler.


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