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Use Axis Bank’s Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator to check eligibility.

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Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

The Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator helps you to understand the maximum loan you can avail of depending on your income and repayment capacity. Several factors will determine your personal loan eligibility such as income, employer, credit history, other financial liabilities, age, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use personal loan eligibility calculator?

    Key in your net monthly income, liabilities, and age and check your personal loan eligibility. Your income and liabilities together determine your repayment capacity. If your existing liabilities are moderate you may be eligible for a higher loan amount. Conversely, if your existing liabilities are higher, then your loan eligibility could be lower.

  • How does the applicant’s income affect personal loan eligibility?

    The applicant’s net monthly income, excluding one-time bonuses/incentives etc. in addition to existing EMIs are used to gauge loan eligibility. Simply key in those details and click on calculate.

  • How does the applicant’s age affect personal loan eligibility?

    If you are close to retirement, you may not be eligible for a five-year loan as the maximum age at the time of maturity of the personal loan is 60 years.

  • Why choose Axis Bank’s Personal Loans?

    Axis Bank offers personal loans ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 15 lakh, with minimal documentation and speedy approval. Besides, there are no foreclosure or part payment charges. These benefits make Axis Bank Personal Loans an attractive financing option to meet your various needs.

    Additionally existing Axis Bank Salary Account holders can avail further benefits on loan disbursal. Take a personal loan from Axis Bank and fulfil your dreams.