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Offers that make your travel even better

  • Enjoy all your local cab travel abroad
    on your Axis Bank Forex Card
  • Cash Back offer
    for Vodafone users
  • Duty free shopping
    across International airports in India
  • Enjoy a host of offers globally
    Click here to see country offers for your travel

Apply for the card from the comfort of your home

  • A seamless and 5 minutes digital journey
  • A single document upload only process: Passport e copy only
  • No hassle of forms. A completely paperless journey
  • Choose from delivery to your doorstep or the closest branch

Everything you need to knowabout FOREX CARD

Travelling with Axis bank FOREX CARD

Travelling with
Axis bank FOREX CARD

Travelling with Debit cards/Credit cards/Cash

Travelling with
Debit cards/ Credit cards/ Cash

forex card


Travelling with Axis bank FOREX CARD

  • Get 24x7 emergency assistance by TripAssist, in case you lose your card or money
  • Carry up to 16 widely used currencies
    in one card
  • Make payments at the rate you loaded/reloaded your card
  • Enjoy lowered rates on Southeast Asian currencies
  • Priority and Burgundy customers enjoy issuance fee waiver of ₹ 300
  • Enjoy locked-in exchange margin
  • Enjoy a flat 30 paise discount on exchange margin, if you are an Axis Bank Account holder on reloading via Internet & Mobile Banking
  • Enjoy bookings for dining, tours, sight-seeing with a widely accepted card

Travelling with Debit cards/Credit cards/Cash

  • Handling multiple denominations can be difficult during cross-country travels, not to mention the damage that cash might endure for your festive travel this season!
  • Lost your wallet?
    A trip to the police station is probably your only hope.
  • Transaction charges could pile up on swiping other credit & debit cards
  • Most times, cash runs out when you least expect it
  • Fluctuating rates might be costly affair

Got questions about our FOREX CARD? This should help

Can I use this card as a student?

Yes. You can use it for your tuition fee, rent & all other daily expenses through POS or online transactions.

How long does it take to get the card?

The card is available over the counter.All you need to do is walk into any Axis Bank branch and submit a copy of your passport, visa and air tickets for your travel.

Where all can I use it?

You can use the card at 80 million retail and online merchant outlets and 1 million plus ATMs. That means you can swipe it for pretty much everything from travel bookings to dining, shopping and entertainment.

So is it like a credit card?

It's a pre–loaded card that can be swiped just like any other card, but minus the transaction charges!

What if I lose the card or it gets stolen?

You get emergency assistance wherever you are. Just report your lost card and get a replacement card, emergency cash assistance and more with TripAssist.

Can I do E-transaction from my forex card?

Yes, Multi-Currency Forex Card can be used for e-commerce transactions directly for international bookings and payments only with merchants or site that accept VISA/MasterCard.

The only travel Essential you need

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Travelling Aboard? Don't forget to carry along your Axis Bank Forex Card

Know all about your perfect travel partner- Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card

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Smart tips on usage of Multi-Currency Forex Card on a foreign trip

Save money and bank safely while transacting with your card internationally

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Apply Online for an Axis Bank Forex Card

Now book a ticket and apply for a forex card online. Know how to apply for a Forex card from the comfort of your home in 3 easy steps within a few minutes and get the card delivered at home or pick from branch on the same day. Enjoy safe travels with Axis Bank Forex Card!

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