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Get instant credit limit of up to Rs. 10,000/month

Features & Benefits - Freecharge Pay Later

Freecharge Pay Later provides a monthly credit facility of up to Rs 10,000 that is available for select registered users of Freecharge powered by Axis Bank. A seamless one click payment experience to make purchases/payments through Freecharge or its merchant/partners with a facility to repay the dues with up to 30 days of credit period.

The Freecharge Pay Later option ensures that you can meet all your requirements immediately. The pay later service is useful if you find yourself strapped for funds for any reason, since it allows you to buy or purchase goods or avail of a service now, and pay at a later date.

You can use Freecharge Pay Later for payments on the Freecharge platform e,g, Mobile, DTH, Electricity, Landline, Broadband etc. and to pay at Merchants where Freecharge Pay Later is accepted.

Reasons to use Freecharge Pay Later powered by Axis Bank

Don’t let a shortage of funds disrupt your well-laid-out plans. With Freecharge Pay Later powered by Axis Bank, fund all your needs effortlessly. The short-term financing facility ensures your cash flow remains intact, even if you face a temporary cash crunch.

Why opt for Freecharge Pay Later powered by Axis Bank

  • It enables you to shop for a product or make a payment for a service and pay for it at a later date.
  • You can fulfil all your needs immediately, even if you find yourself short of funds. 
  • A credit period of up to 30 days ensures you can meet your requirements immediately and repay at your convenience. 
  • It helps in avoiding an undue burden on your finances.
  • You can manage your cash flow to suit your needs
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Freecharge Pay Later powered by Axis Bank Eligibility

To use Freecharge Pay Later you have to be a registered user of Freecharge powered by Axis Bank. Here’s how you can register yourself and avail of the Freecharge Pay Later facility:

  • Download the Freecharge app
  • Register yourself by entering your mobile number
  • Go to the Pay Later section and click on Get Started
  • Enter your PAN number
  • Share your personal and professional details 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and activate Freecharge Pay Later
  • If you are a non-Axis Bank customer, you will need to complete eKYC using Aadhaar-based OTP
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How does Buy Now Pay Later work?

Freecharge Pay Later powered by Axis Bank is a short-term credit facility. It offers a credit of up to Rs 10,000 for up to 30 days. You can utilise the credit to make purchases at merchants who are part of the Freecharge platform. You can also use the Freecharge platform to also pay bills for services such as mobile, DTH, broadband, electricity, landline phone services, etc. 

With Freecharge Pay Later, the funds are available in a single click, once you are registered. The funds are paid immediately after verification of your details. The biggest advantage is that the entire transaction happens digitally, without intervention by any intermediary. 

Just as in a loan, there is an interest rate charged on the funds you borrow and a penalty is charged if you delay the repayment.

Besides, you can also enjoy offers at the over 25000+ merchants that are part of the Freecharge platform when using the Buy Now Pay Later facility.  

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Do’s and Don’ts of Freecharge Pay Later powered by Axis Bank

  • Do register with your correct information to ensure seamless registration as a Freecharge user
  • Do borrow money only as much as you need to meet your cash crunch 
  • Do utilise the discounts and offers by buying through the Freecharge platform to save on overall costs
  • Do pay your dues on time to ensure your credit history and credit score is not adversely impacted
  • Don’t borrow more than you can repay to ensure your credit stays within manageable limits
  • Don’t delay repayment of your credit as you may have to pay penalty charges


Yes, you can use Pay Later at both online platforms and offline merchants. You can use it for all merchants who are part of the Freecharge platform.

You can register for Pay Later on Freecharge by using your mobile number and PAN. If you are a non-Axis Bank customer you will also need to do your eKYC with Aadhaar-based OTP.

There is no processing fee for Pay Later, but there is a late payment charge in case of a delay in repayment.

You can check your approved balance under the Pay Later dashboard in the Freecharge app.

Sachet Portal : www.sachet.rbi.org.in

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