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Wellsurance Executive

Get an insurance policy designed to take care of the busy executive and his well being

For claims call on 1800-425-4033

Guaranteed Insurance Cover

Get life insurance even as you get older

Hospitalisation Cover

With cashless claim settlement across 3000+ network of hospitals in India

Double Claim Benefit

Claim with us even if you have filed a claim under any other health insurance policy

Unique Wellness Benefits

15 days Free Look Period
30 days Grace Period

Features and Benefits

Get guaranteed insurance cover at renewal for life, as you get older

With cashless claim settlement across a network of 3000+ hospitals in India, including:

  • ICU admission and specific major/minor surgeries
  • Post Hospitalisation: Convalescence benefit, covered outpatient expenses
  • Critical Illnesses: Fixed benefit payable on diagnosis of any of the 9 covered critical illnesses

You can claim with us even if you have filed a claim under any other health insurance policy, irrespective of actual expenses

  • 15 days Free Look period for the new businesses
  • 30 days Grace Period for renewals

Sum Insured can be enhanced only at the time of renewal. However, the quantum of increase shall be as per underwriting guidelines of the company

  • Changes will be notified to the policyholders 3 months in advance in case of revision/modification in approved product
  • Likelihood of withdrawal of the product will be notified to the policy holders 3 months prior to the expiry of the policy and option would be given to migrate to similar Health Insurance policy

To avail help on health and wellness related information with instant phone access:
Call our Toll Free number - 1800 103 5252
Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., from Monday to Saturday

As well as at select spas, skin care and weight management centres

Get discounts on selected health check up packages at our wide range of network hospitals

For premium paid on policies as per section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
Tax benefits are subject to income tax laws

Wellsurance Executive Benefits (in )
  Benefits Classic Supreme Elite
1 Diagnosed Critical Illness ( waiting period 90 days, survival period 30 days)      
i> Cancer 300000 500000 750000
ii> First Heart Attack 300000 500000 750000
iii> Stroke 300000 500000 750000
iv> Kidney Failure 300000 500000 750000
v> Coma 300000 500000 750000
vi> Total Blindness 300000 500000 750000
vii> Paralysis 300000 500000 750000
viii> Multiple Sclerosis 300000 500000 750000
ix> Major Burns 300000 500000 750000
2 Hospitalization:      
a Hospitalization Miscellaneous      
  Nursing services - Max upto 90 days 750 1000 1250
  Physician’s visit - Max upto 90 days 750 1000 1250
  Investigation- MRI 2500 3500 3500
  Investigation- CT scan or Doppler study 1250 1750 1750
  Physiotherapy( while hospital confined) max upto 30 days 750 1000 1250
  Investigation- lab test, and or x-ray and or ECG 350 500 750
b Operation charges      
  Anesthetist's fees 2500 5000 7500
c Major surgeries      
1 CABG- coronary artery bypass grafting 100000 150000 200000
2 Angioplasty -PTCA( percutaniuos transluminal coronary angioplasty) 100000 150000 200000
3 Brain surgery including Craniotomy, tumor removal and intercranial drainage 100000 150000 200000
4 Post traumatic surgery ( skull fracture, pelvis fracture, complicated fracture ) 50000 75000 100000
  Skull fracture      
  Traumatic amputation of upper and /or lower limb      
  Pelvis / Hip Fracture      
  Compound communicated fracture of any part where ORIF is required      
5 Bone marrow transplant 100000 150000 200000
6 Major organ transplant ( Heart, Lung, Liver, Pancreas 100000 150000 200000
7 Knee replacement 75000 125000 150000
  Traumatic / septic arthritis      
  Severe irreparable knee injury      
8 Hip replacement 75000 125000 150000
  Traumatic hip injury- both partial and total      
9 Spinal surgeries 40000 75000 100000
  Traumatic spinal injuries      
10 Enucleation 40000 60000 75000
  Malignant tumor of eye ball      
  Severe trauma to eye ball      
  Odentogenic cyst      
11 Heart valve replacement 100000 150000 200000
12 Pacemaker implant 75000 100000 125000
13 Knee ligament surgery - trauma related 75000 125000 150000
d Minor Surgeries      
1 Appendectomy 10000 10000 150000
2 Cholecystectomy/ Removal of Gall Stone 15000 20000 20000
3 Removal of kidney stones 10000 10000 150000
4 Hernia repair 15000 20000 20000
5 Haemorrhoids 10000 10000 15000
6 Biopsy of growth 15000 20000 20000
3 Outpatient      
  Post operative Physiotherapy eligibility Min 2 visits 3500 5000 7000
  Chemotherapy and/or radiation eligibility Min 3 visits 150000 250000 300000
  Kidney Dialysis 150000 200000 250000
4 Ambulance Charges
  while admitting and while discharging from the Hospital 2000 2000 2000
5 Hospital Cash ( Max 90 days ) (Per Day) 2000 2000 2000
6 ICU Benefit - Max 15 days per policy year (Per Day) 3000 4500 6000
7 Convalescence Benefit( payable after continuous Hospitalization for 5 days) 1500 2500 4000


  • For all sickness hospitalisation and minor surgeries waiting period of 90 days is applicable.
  • Period of 120 days applicable for major surgeries.
  • No waiting period for accident-related hospitalisation.
  • Hospitalisation miscellaneous expenses are payable while in-hospital.
  • Hospital Cash: 1 day deductible for Sickness Hospital Cash benefit. Not applicable for hospitalisation due to any accident
  • Critical Illness: The benefit for each critical illness will be paid once during the entire life time of the policyholder. On Renewal this benefit will be available for all Illnesses except for the one paid in the previous term(s).
  • Kidney dialysis, Chemotherapy: Benefit paid once in lifetime of the policy holder.
  • If an insured suffers a Critical Illness/Sickness/Disease or has to undergo a surgery for which benefits are payable under more than one such similar policy issued by us, the maximum amount payable under all policies combined will not exceed the amount payable under the policy which pays the largest benefit.
  • This policy covers hospitalisation in India only.
  • Ambulance benefit is a lump sum amount paid on usage of ambulance during the incidence of hospitalisation.




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