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24x7 FlexiCredit

Get Instant Overdraft facility against Salary
Account in just 3 minutes.

24x7 FlexiCredit - Apply for Instant Overdraft on Salary Account

24x7 FlexiCredit is an overdraft facility for customers who have a salary account with Axis Bank. Avail this overdraft facility for instant and flexible fund requirement. Utilize FlexiCredit facility for any planned, unplanned or emergency requirement.
24x7 FlexiCredit requires Nil documentation, and the credit line is sanctioned in just 2 steps, within 3 minutes. With 24x7 FlexiCredit, you don't need to cut down on your expenses due to insufficient funds in your savings account. You can avail up to INR 5 lakh as an overdraft facility and pay interest only on utilized amount and for the duration of utilization.
Customers can transfer funds from their 24x7 FlexiCredit overdraft account to their salary account via internet banking or mobile banking in case of a fund requirement. The bank will charge interest on the utilized amount i.e., the outstanding balance as per the applicable rate of interest in the 24x7 FlexiCredit account for the duration of the funds utilization.
Customers can make the repayment in their 24x7 FlexiCredit overdraft account from their linked Axis Bank salary account or transfer funds from any other mode directly to their 24x7 FlexiCredit overdraft account.

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