Wouldn’t you like a facility that lets you have access to funds as and when you require them, even as you pay interest only on the amount you utilize? Enjoy this benefit through 24x7 Overdraft by Axis Bank. An overdraft is a quick and convenient option when you need funds urgently - be it for your business requirements or individual needs. Since it is an overdraft facility, interest is charged on the amount that is drawn or utilised, and not the entire limit available. For instance, if you have an overdraft limit of Rs. 50,000, but you withdraw or utilise only Rs. 25,000, the interest will be applicable on Rs. 25,000 and not on the entire limit of Rs. 50,000.

24x7 Overdraft Against Fixed Deposit

Use this facility to get funds online and instantly against your fixed deposit with Axis Bank, without breaking it before maturity. This ensures your savings are not liquidated while you get instant access to funds* as and when required. It is available for both business and salaried customers who have Fixed Deposits with Axis Bank.

To Apply –

Log in to Internet Banking > Apply Now > Loans > Loan against Fixed Deposit

Log in to Mobile > Loans > Loan against Fixed Deposit

24x7 Quick Overdraft

24x7 Quick Overdraft is a paperless option for an instantly accessible credit facility, to help you with your day-to-day business needs. It can be accessed through Axis Mobile and Internet Banking. Further, this facility grants you customised offers and provides you the option of instantly utilising your funds post creation of the overdraft. You also have the choice of keeping the funds in readiness for any future need that could come up. 24x7 Quick Overdraft is for self-employed individuals/business owners.

To Apply –

Log in to Internet Banking > Apply Now > Loans > Quick OD

Log in to Mobile > Loans > Quick OD

Features and Benefits

Zero documentation

Get access to funds without any paperwork or submitting of documents

Flexible repayment options

Repay the amount withdrawn from your overdraft limit any day, any time within the prescribed tenure of the facility

Quick Digital Renewal

Extend your Overdraft digitally by renewing it online if you need the funds for a longer period


24x7 Quick Overdraft is an overdraft facility that allows business owners to avail an overdraft instantly and anytime through our digital channels such as Axis Internet Banking or Axis Mobile. It is ideal to fund your day to day business requirements.