10 picture-perfect destinations to go to before the travel rush starts!

4 MinsNov 28, 2022

Travelling has become a necessity for youngsters today as the scope of social interactions and bonding has diminished with the fast pace of our life, and travelling, more than an adventure, has turned into an escape route to beat the boredom of daily life.

10 picture-perfect destinations to go to before the travel rush starts!

Sometimes, people postpone or cancel their travel plans due to a lack of funds. Although most people do save money for trips, there are instances when unavoidable circumstances arise.

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Top 10 picture-perfect destinations to visit that makes availing a personal loan worthwhile:

With so many picture-perfect destinations, choosing the best ones could be an uphill task. Here is a list of the top 10 tourist destinations to get you in the mood to pack your bags.

1. Paris
Every year, the ‘City of Lights’ attracts millions of tourists with its spectacular views, exquisite French food and impressive art collection. Paris is a city of beautiful architecture and has world-class museums, great food and great cafe culture. Enjoy its breathtaking view from the Eiffel Tower, or set out on a day trip to Versailles Palace. Additionally, don’t miss out on exploring wonderful districts such as Bastille, Batignolles and many more.

2. Maldives
Maldives offers you picture-perfect private homes perched above dazzling blue waters, beaches with snow-white sand, and spectacular sunsets. Its scenic beauty cannot be expressed in words; therefore, you can’t really appreciate it unless you see it. Couples on honeymoon or thrill-seekers planning scuba diving and snorkelling excursions, like to visit the Maldives. The hotels in this area are equally impressive, ranging from overwater bungalows to underwater hotels to beautiful beach resorts.

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3. Barcelona
Barcelona is home to both historically accurate and utterly bizarre elements. With an overwhelming variety of things to do, this seaside city attracts people of all backgrounds. It offers visitors everything from the picturesque trails of the multi-coloured Park Güell to the romantic narrow lanes of Barri Gotic, from the beachside nightclubs to the city’s hundreds of sacred churches and architectural marvels. You may remain for a few days, but it's more likely that you’ll need a week to see everything.

4. Grand Canyon
Grand is an understatement when describing this canyon. For ages, visitors worldwide have come to appreciate its magnificent red and orange splendour. The Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, USA is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site, and astounds its roughly six million annual tourists with its unique beauty.

5. Dubai
The city is famous for its stunning cream-coloured Persian Gulf beachfront, worldwide culinary scene and larger-than-life attractions. The city is continually expanding and plans are being made for something better and more extensive. Visit Dubai to see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and one of the biggest artificial marina shops at some of the biggest malls.

6. London
The two-millennia-old city of London has so much to offer, and life there is nothing short of energising, so visitors find that one trip isn’t enough to take it all in. Here, the ancient world meets the modern. You can find the cutting-edge Tate Modern and the storied Tower of London here. London is currently a leader in various industries, including politics, banking, fashion and music. Its cultural compass is constantly set to the future.

7. Costa Rica
The lush jungles, gorgeous beaches and diverse wildlife of Costa Rica attract visitors from around the globe. Tourists are drawn to this part of the world because of its incredible scenery and diverse wildlife, which includes jaguars, toucans and monkeys. Take a few days to explore active volcanoes, go zip-lining through cloud-covered rainforests and surf in warm, turquoise waters. While beach-goers spread out on the soft sands, wildlife enthusiasts explore the tangled jungles.

8. Bali
When you hear the term “Bali”, images of the most unbelievable terrain come to mind: towering volcanoes covered in a lush green canopy, sandy beaches that fade into turquoise waters and sweeping coasts dotted with staggered temples. Relax on beaches, explore temples or uncover new routes up Kintamani's active volcano. Kuta also offers other riotous delights for individuals who enjoy staying late. So get up, make your travel plans and enjoy.

9. Rome
Foodies will adore the exquisite Italian cuisine and gelato, while art lovers will adore the treasure trove of artwork in the Vatican museums. Rome is a fast-paced and modern city with glittering designer storefronts, chic hotels and cutting-edge restaurants, even though many tourists are drawn to the town because of its significant past.

10. New York City
The Big Apple combines a large city’s grandeur with a small town’s charm. It is hip, cosmopolitan, busy and constantly changing. You’ll discover a dynamic culture permeating the city’s diverse districts and boroughs amid Gotham’s famous sites and skyscrapers. Follow fashionistas to the East Village and Brooklyn to explore fashion stores, renowned bakeries and hip cafes. An incredible show on Broadway, a supper at the newest “it” restaurant, perusing the racks of the chic stores lining Fifth Avenue, and so much more to do in this bustling megacity.
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