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E Challan Scam

E Challan Scam

Watch out for fake traffic violation alerts received via text messages or emails. These messages falsely claim that you've committed a traffic offence and must pay a fine.

Be cautious as these messages typically include unexpected payment links, complete with official-seeming logos and details. The aim is to trick you into thinking they're from genuine authorities. Stay alert!

Sample of E Challan Scam SMS:

To avoid falling victim to such scams:

  • Never click on any unsolicited link in these messages or download any third-party application without verifying the source
  • Never share any personal or confidential financial details (DOB, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Debit/Credit Card details, Bank Account details, OTP, CVV, MPIN, etc.) with anyone.
  • Always use authorised banking channels for payments of dues
  • Verify your traffic challan dues and make payments through the official and secured website i.e.
  • Always check the name and spelling of the website received in the link to confirm that it is genuine before clicking on it

Reporting mechanism: Report any financial or cyber related crimes immediately on National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal via their toll-free helpline number ‘1930’ or website
– or through

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