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Personal Loan EMI Calculator

You may need a personal loan at any given point in time. To ease your burden of paying off the loan immediately, you can opt for the EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) facility. To know how much you need to pay per month, you can use a personal loan EMI calculator.

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EMI Calculator for Personal Loan


Personal Loan EMI calculator is a great tool that helps you decide on the loan application process. The tool offers much-needed information about the term of the loan, the loan amount, and the interest rates to help you plan your finances before and after the loan application.

You may need money for various reasons to meet unexpected expenditure. You may need money for marriage of your child, to support your child’s education, buy a new home, a new high-end electronic equipment or for any other reasons.

While there is no dearth of sources that can help you in such situations, what worries you the most is the financial or monetary fall outs of utilising such loans. You want to be sure of the terms of the loan. You may be looking for answers to questions such as - How long you have to repay the loan. What would be the interests on the loan, etc?

Proper financial planning is crucial before you apply and secure a personal loan. Any lapses in the repayment of a loan would certainly have a negative impact on your credit history resulting in lower credit scores. This can ruin your record of years of hard-earned financial discipline and reputation.

Repayment of the loan is the primary consideration while applying for a loan. You would want to know the repayment terms so you can plan your monthly finances better.EMI calculator for personal loan helps you estimate the possible monthly instalments for a given amount of loan for a specific duration of the term of the loan calculated at a certain percentage of interest.

Personal loan EMI calculator helps you choose the amount of loan you need, and indicate the number of months or years in which you would like to repay the loan, once you indicate such information the calculator gives you the monthly instalment required to pay off the loan. EMI calculator is a great tool helps you choose the loan amount and the repayment period as per your convenience.

With EMI calculator of Axis Bank, you don’t need to strain your brain! Just input the amount and the tenure you can repay the loan and our calculator does the entire math for you!

When you need money urgently you are already under a lot of stress, and the lack of information about the monthly repayment plan might add to the confusion. Well, with this perfect EMI calculator you have all the information readily available.

Our Personal Local EMI calculator is simple to use and is highly accurate! You need not be a math genius to do lots of calculations - it’s a child play. Even your high school child can do that for you, in fact, they love calculating the EMIs using our fun to play slider.

Our EMI calculator is a slider, which requires you to indicate the amount of loan required, by sliding the bar to the required point and doing the same for the tenure of the loan. Once you indicate such preferences, our calculator pops up the required EMIs for you on the screen.

There are 3 sliders to the application -the loan amount, the interest rate, and the tenure of the repayment. The loan amount bar allows you to choose between certain amounts, you can choose the exact amount of loan you need. Once you choose the loan amount, you need to select the number of months you would like to repay the loan by sliding the bar to the corresponding months. Once that’s done, your monthly instalment would appear on your screen.

If you are not comfortable with the instalment amount that flashes on your screen, no need to worry! Just increase the tenure and you will get comfortable within your budget monthly instalment (lower instalment). On the other hand, if unpaid debt gives you sleepless night, reduce the tenure of the loan and you get a higher EMI to repay the debt at the earliest! Either way, you are the winner; your convenience and comfort decide the loan amount and the tenure of the loan.

You do not need to change the interest rate bar, we save you time by keeping the interest rate calculated based on the loan amounts and the tenure you choose. For longer tenure, you may have to pay slightly higher interest, but you have the comfort of taking it slowly and repaying conveniently in line with your monthly income and expenditure.

EMI calculator for a personal loan is a great time saver and relieves you of the stress of worrying about the possible monthly instalment. With EMI calculator on our website, you have a fair idea of your monthly obligation towards the loan you need.

With all the information readily available, you no longer have to worry about managing your monthly budget or keeping your credit history intact. Our EMI calculator does all the hard work for you! With the knowledge of monthly instalments, if you apply for a specific amount, you can prudently opt for the tenure and instalments that suit your income and expenditure plan.

The EMI calculator offers you the options to calculate the EMI. You can choose any loan amount ranging from a minimum of 1, 00,000 to 15,00,000. You can choose any tenure between 12 months to 60 months. The tenure selection can range from 12 months to 5 years for loan repayment, and as per your convenience, your income and monthly expenditure you can opt for a suitable tenure.

Forget all the worries of math and number games! Let the Axis Bank EMI calculator for personal loan guide you in choosing the loan amount and the right tenure to repay the loan without hurting your family budget, or your hard-earned financial reputation.