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Taking the first step into Digital Banking

4 MinsJanuary 31, 2017

Banking in India has seen a major change over the years. In the last decade, Digital transactions have made their foray into banking. Little by little, the country is getting used to banking the Digital way. While branch banking still gives us a sense of security, Digital banking is slowly winning the trust of customers. Both are extremely important for banking transactions to function seamlessly and are operating side by side when it comes to serving customers with the best possible banking solutions.

Digital Banking products like E-wallets to Mobile Apps have been created to make the customers’ banking needs as fulfilling and convenient as ever. Most utility payments currently can be made through Internet Banking. There is no need to queue up in front of kiosks to pay your bills. There are currently over 220 million proud smartphone users in our country and they are just a tap away from banking online. Many use it for entertainment, many use it to access social media, but very few for banking transactions. Regional content is being consumed in a big way as well and there has been a 100% growth in internet usage but the banking transactions are yet to see that kind of usage. The change is happening though. The recent de-monetization directive has led many to get on board the Digital ship and set sail in the direction of Digital Banking.

One can start banking with the most basic transactions. Minor fund transfers, or bill payments and recharge, till they are confident of opening an FD online or make a major credit card payment. As far as Internet Banking is concerned, all we need is the customer ID which the bank provides when you open an account. Post that, you need to login to Internet Banking of your bank’s website and start using it. Mobile apps are easier to use when you are on the go. Recharge, Pay bills, locate nearest ATMs, view account balance, all this and more with your Mobile App. It is the most convenient way to bank.

Aashisha Rajaram had to buy her monthly household requirements last week. She walked over to the friendly neighbourhood grocer but his card machine wasn’t working and she didn’t have enough cash to make the entire purchase. On enquiring, the grocer said he was an Axis Bank Customer and had the mobile app as well, but hadn’t used it. She got his contact number and transferred the amount through IMPS- Immediate Payment Service. This was so much easier and he decided to resort to this mode of payment in addition to the cash and card payment options. Taking the first step gives you a bit of a jitter, but once taken, it is life-changing.

Some hand-holding, some education, as it was seen in Aashisha and her grocer’s case will make many customers realise the simplicity of digital banking and can prove to be helpful in times where cash is scarce. However, the recent de-monetisation directive did force many to go cashless and use Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, with numbers suggesting that it did prove to be a boon during this cash clean up drive.

It is happening, bit by bit, but every small step counts. So the next time, you are faced with a cash crunch, look at it as an opportunity to convert someone to a Digital user.