When should I use Axis Pay or Axis Mobile

4 Mins October 07, 2019

When you have two very fine apps to take care of all your banking needs, what else do you need? Just sit back, relax and bank. Axis Pay and Axis Mobile are always at your disposal and by your side irrespective of time and place. An important fund transfer, a bank statement for an urgent application, a PIN Change for your Debit or Credit card, all this and more can happen immediately with Axis Pay and Axis Mobile. Axis Pay gives you the liberty to transfer money with just yours and the sender’s VPA-Virtual Payment Address, and with Axis Mobile, all banking is at your fingertips.

Axis Pay is based on the Unified Payments Interface model. You can use Axis Pay to transfer funds instantly. The receiver and sender here should both have a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and have a particular account linked to it. No bank account number, no IFSC Code, all that is required is VPA and you can transfer anytime, anywhere.

With Axis Mobile you can do multiple banking activities. If you have to pay your friends for a meal, you can transfer money via IMPS instantly. If you wish to recharge your dad’s Mobile, you can do it even without logging in to Axis Mobile, in the pre-login section of the app. Are you paying your driver’s salary by cash every month? Get his account details, add him as a ‘Payee’ and he gets his salary every month without any delay because you were short of cash. Have you during your recent travels and shopping swiped your cards at very many places and need to change your PIN? Well, Axis Mobile lets you do just that without having to visit an ATM or branch. Change your Debit Card and Credit Card PIN on Axis Mobile in the Insta Services section instantly. Your can check your account statement, open and FD/RD and pay your bills. Pay your credit card bill, electricity bill or your mother’s Mobile bill, everything on the Axis Mobile App. It is simple, easy and very user friendly.

In this rapidly changing Digital world, banking on your phone is the best thing to happen. Convenience is the key to a Digital Future!