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Six easy ideas to deck up your home this Diwali

4 MinsOctober 21, 2019

One big part of celebrating Diwali is sprucing up our homes. As friends and family gather together to celebrate the joyous occasion, a well-decorated home adds that extra jazz to your festivities.

home this Diwali

However, not all of us might have the time or the resources to go in for a major overhaul. We have put together a list of home-décor ideas that will inspire you to get the job done quickly and make your home bright and beautiful without too much cost and effort.

1. Colourful Cushions
The easiest way to add a dash of colour to your home and bring it alive is to throw a bunch of colourful cushions around the house. This makes the house seem full of energy, besides being a great conversation-starter. You can go in for pop-art cushions, cushions with traditional art on them and cushions with Indian themes. Funky designs will attract attention.
Cost: Starts off at Rs. 250-Rs. 700 per cushion cover

2. Add Fragrance
Smells evoke memories. You can add aromatherapy candles, essential oil diffusers, incense, and room sprays to your home. Or simply place a bowl of potpourri on your center table. You can easily even make one yourself. These also serve as handy gifts for guests who visit you. The best bet, of course, is fresh flowers. You can change flowers for all the days during Diwali to keep your home smelling like a garden. If you have kids or pets and arranging flowers around the house in vases seems a bother, you could try suspending hand-made soaps from curtains and drapes.
Aromatherapy candles: Start off at Rs. 550 for five candles
Essential Oils diffusers: Start off at Rs. 450

3. Photo Frames and Paintings
Put family photographs into funky frames and hang them around the house. They add a dollop of personal touch to the festive atmosphere. If you can put up photos of the vacations you took as a family, even better. You can also put brightly coloured embroidered paintings on your walls.
Photo frames: Starts off at Rs. 750 for a good-looking frame
Painting: Good paintings start off at Rs. 1,500

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4. Glass Jar Lanterns
Trendy and antique-looking glass jars are very much in vogue today. You can get them at throw-away prices and rework them to give a festive spin to it. Colour them, add themes and make them look funky. Involve the entire family, especially kids while doing this. You could be pleasantly surprised at the creativity on display!
Online and Offline stores: Rs. 1,150 onwards

5. Lighting
This is the easiest way to add decorations to your home during Diwali. After all, it is not for nothing that Diwali is called the Festival of Lights. Line up your diyas in different arrangements. If you are wary about live fires, you can opt for fairy lights. String them across balconies or put them into glass bottles, the options are only limited by your imagination. Walk down any market and you’ll see hordes of people selling lampshades. You can have your pick of them and give your ceilings a designer look.
Local diyas: Range Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 for a set of 10
Fairy lights: Starts off at Rs. 225

6. Soft Furnishings
Change your drapes and curtains, pillow covers and bedsheets, carpets and rugs and watch them transform your home. You can have different colour themes for each room of the house and choose the furnishings accordingly, or pick one colour and choose different textured fabrics for each item.
Curtains: Rs. 600 onwards
Pillow covers: Rs. 399 onwards
Bedsheets: Rs. 750 onwards
Carpets: Rs. 750 onwards

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