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3 steps to set up a salary account for your household help

4 minsJanuary 05, 2017

Your household help Mala has been complaining that since she gets all her salary in cash, she incurs plenty of unaccountable spends. Only recently has she opened a bank account and would prefer that you transfer her every month’s salary instead of handing her cash at the beginning of the month. You are only too happy by this situation! The recent RBI Directive on demonetisation has led you to bank digitally more often. Setting up a salary account for your household help is a breeze as well. You need not visit a branch for this. All you need is Axis Mobile or Internet Banking.

Through Internet Banking, all you need is her Account number and IFS Code to add her as a beneficiary.

  • Once you have added her as a beneficiary, which will take roughly 4 hours, you can transfer her the amount for the particular month.
  • Post the first payment, you can set up a Standing Instruction (SI) for Recurring Payment for the Debit every month.
  • Once the Standing Instruction has been given, Mala will get her salary on the due date without you having to walk over the ATM and withdrawing cash.

Alternately, through your Axis Mobile App, you can transfer the amount every month and make changes to the amount once she has been registered as Beneficiary. If she is an Axis Bank Customer, you can add her through her mobile Number, and if non- Axis Bank customer through Account Number and IFS Code.

This can be attempted for other household helps as well. The amount will be directly debited without you having to withdraw money every month.


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