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A quick checklist before you paint your home this Diwali

4 MinsOctober 07, 2019

Home décor serves as a reflection of the homeowner's personality. A home makeover, with a new coat of paint, can completely rejuvenate your home and increase its market value. Diwali is a good time to do it as it is a time for new beginnings.


However, any extensive painting work in the house tends to fill most people with a sense of dread, given the amount of work entailed. It could also be expensive and dent your savings. You could avail of an Axis Bank Personal Loan to avoid the strain on your budget. Since there are no foreclosure charges, you can repay the loan anytime during the tenure without any penalty.

Painting your home becomes a lot easier when you break down the whole process into the ‘pre' and ‘during' painting periods. The actual painting is done by professionals and that is something you don't have to worry about. But the pre-painting process is something that you can play an active role in and ensure that it goes off smoothly.

We've put together a checklist of the list of things to look out for before undertaking the pre-Diwali painting of homes:

  • Repair exterior walls and fittings
  • Check exterior walls for imperfections and cracks. Check the fittings on the outside for rusting or spillage. Check for exterior signs of leakage. If necessary, get a mason and waterproof all the areas or spots that are showing signs of leakage. This will ensure that there is no dampness inside the house and your new paint will not be ruined. Any external damage can snowball into a huge problem later.

  • Check for dampness or water seepage inside the home
  • Check your home for internal signs of dampness or water seepage. If there is any sign of seepage, get it repaired immediately. If you don't repair the water seepage, your new paint job will be a waste of time and money because the paint will soon start peeling off.

  • Clear and clean the site
  • Cover all the furniture with plastic sheets and shift them so that there is space for the painters to access all the walls of the home. Ensure that the painters use masking tape to cover the edges of windows, cupboards, and wardrobes so that paint doesn’t splash on them.

  • Repair the walls and ceilings
  • It is advisable to hire masons for this job. Ask them to go over your walls and ceilings with a toothcomb to repair any cracks, chipped surfaces, uneven surfaces, holes or dents. Use plaster of Paris or putty to fill in these cracks. Once these irregularities are smoothened out and the surface is flat, it’ll help your paint to settle on a stable surface.

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  • Metal and wooden surfaces
  • If you are planning to paint over metal surfaces, make sure that all of them are cleaned thoroughly and are free from any rust, dirt or moisture. The metal surfaces that are not going to be painted need to be covered with paper or cloth. Follow the same process for wooden surfaces. You might need to add a coat of wood primer to the surfaces.

  • Remove electrical fixtures
  • Call in an electrician to remove decorative light fixtures, chandeliers and picture lights. Ensure that all open electrical sockets are covered with masking tape.

    So here’s your checklist when preparing your home this festive season and to help you with the cost of these changes you can opt for an Axis Bank Personal Loan.

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    Once you’ve taken care of all these aspects, you can go ahead and call in the professional painters to start painting your home. Happy Diwali!

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