Make your loved ones’ wishes come true this festival season with a personal loan

7 MinsJuly 28, 2021

A festival is a time of celebration and joy. An occasion to buy new clothes or jewellery for yourself and your loved ones, new gadgets and furnishing for your house or to spruce up your house with the much-need repairs.

festival loan

In India, the festival season begins in August with Onam (August 23) and Raksha Bandhan (August 22) and Ganesh Chaturthi in September. Leading brands and e-commerce platforms offer discounts and deals to coincide with these festivals

Onam, which is a 10-day festival celebrated in Kerala, is a good occasion to buy household gadgets, clothes, jewellery. This is when appliance manufacturers launch new models and also have discount campaigns, making it a good time to buy washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc. This is also a good time to undertake renovation or repairs in your home as you welcome King Mahabali.

For Raksha Bandhan, gift your sibling with the last mobile phone or a premium watch. You could also look at clothes, gadgets for personal grooming or video games. A high-end digital SLR camera or a set of home exercise equipment are some other gifts you could consider. Watch out for deals and discounts or extended warranties during this period.

Before Lord Ganesh comes to your house for Ganesh Chaturthi, make sure your house is ready for the Lord and visitors alike. This is a good time for any overdue repairs, new tiles for your floors or maybe just a fresh coat of paint for your walls.

Whether your budget is Rs 50,000 or Rs 15 lakh, avail of a Personal Loan and meet all your needs. So, get your shopping list ready!

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How a Personal Loan helps:

A personal loan can be used for any end-use and is easily available since is an unsecured loan. The bank will approve the loan and finalise the amount based on your income, credit score, employment details and so on. Hence, a personal loan is a convenient way to meet any planned or unplanned need. Today, you can even get a Personal Loan instantly, thereby saving your time.

Apply offline or online

You can apply for a personal loan at the Axis Bank branch or on the bank’s website. If you are an existing Axis Bank customer, look out for a pre-qualified 24x7 Personal Loans offer using your Internet Banking or Axis Mobile. You can apply anytime, anywhere and get instant funds to take advantage of the deals and avoid delays in purchases. The funds would be transferred to your account in minutes.

Tenure and amount

You can avail of an Personal Loan for any period between one and five years, thereby helping you to repay as per your convenience. The minimum amount available is Rs 50,000 and the maximum amount is Rs 15 lakh.

Use the Personal Loan EMI Calculator to know the exact amount you will have to repay over the loan tenure. Since the calculator shows the total repayment, on a monthly and annual basis, it can help you select the loan tenure and amount to meet your budget.

Flexibility in paying EMIs

When it comes to paying the EMIs you can do it in any of the following ways:
Standing instruction: If you have an existing Axis Savings Account, you can issue Standing instructions and the EMI amount will be debited automatically from your account every month
Electronic Clearing Service: If you want to pay the EMI from a non-Axis Bank account, you can use the ECS method and the amount will be debited automatically every month
Post-dated cheques: This is also an option to use if you are paying from a non-Axis Bank account. Submit post-dated EMI cheques at your nearest Axis Bank Loan Centre on time, to ensure the EMIs are paid on time and without disruption.


If you have a pre-qualified offer with Axis Bank 24x7 Personal Loans, you can avail of instant credit of funds without any documents.

If you are a non-Axis Bank customer, you must be between 21 years (if salaried) and 25 years (if self-employed), and 60 years of age to avail of a personal loan. You need to show ITR (income tax returns) for the last two years and salary slips for the six months. You will need documentation like address proof, income proof, and identity proof, apart from your PAN card.

Personal Loans in Your City

Apply for an Axis Bank Personal Loan from anywhere, anytime and get the funds you need within minutes. You can easily apply for Personal Loan in any of the major cities in India and meet your needs effortlessly. We offer a digital journey from start to finish. Apply for the loan, get the approval and the funds credited into your account, with minimal documentation.

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