Tips to ensure a smooth run for your new car

4 MinsJune 01, 2021

Rishi Mittal has just purchased his first car and fulfilled a long-awaited dream. He is planning to use it for his office commute as well as on long drives whenever possible. But he is worried about its maintenance. Rushing to a service centre every time the vehicle develops a minor snag is not feasible and may also prove expensive. Hence, Rishi wants to know the basics of how he can keep his vehicle in ship shape.

car maintenance tips

Here are some tips Rishi can follow:

1.  Read the user manual: The first thing Rishi should do is read the user manual thoroughly and keep it handy at all times. All cars come with a user manual, and they contain everything one needs to know about the vehicle and how to solve any minor issues that may arise in the future. The manual is the go-to guide and should be referred to whenever possible.

2.  Tyre air pressure and tyre rotation: Check the tyres' air pressure at least once a month with an accurate tyre-pressure gauge and always keep a spare tyre handy. Tyres of a car are like your limbs. If anything goes wrong, you could be stranded. Make sure to check for the inflation pressure recommended in the user manual and do this when the tyres are cold. Rishi should also rotate the tyres every three months. This will make the tyres last longer.

3.  Clean the engine and replace the engine oil: The engine is the most critical part of the car, and keeping it clean ensures that it runs smoothly for a long time. It's best to do a deep clean once a month. Rishi should change his car's oil every 7,500-10,000 km.

4.  Clean the battery regularly: Check the battery's terminals and cables to see that they're properly connected, with no corrosion. If the battery has removable caps, check its fluid level every few months—especially in the summers. Rishi should clean the battery every few months, too, by disconnecting the terminals from the power supply to prevent any accidents and carefully follow the instruction manual.

5.  Monitor the brake fluid and oil filters: Brake fluid is required for the car to brake smoothly, and being low on it is a safety hazard. Therefore, Rishi should frequently check that there is sufficient brake fluid and that it's in proper condition. Oil filters and other lubricants should also be kept checked regularly.

6.  Maintain fuel economy to keep good mileage: Rishi should avoid driving in a rash manner or changing speeds too quickly and frequently. It significantly reduces the mileage of the car.

7.  Change the cabin air filter: The cabin air filter ensures proper cooling of the car and should be changed every few months.

8.  Coolant check: Engine coolant is critical to ensure that the engine doesn't overheat. Rishi should check the quality of the coolant and top it up regularly.

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