Get an instant loan against your financial investments

5 MinsSep 19, 2022

A loan against securities (LAS) is a loan where you pledge your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, fixed maturity plans and other securities as security or collateral with the bank in exchange for the loan amount.

Get an instant loan

Similar to overdrafts, loans against securities allow you to take money out of your bank account and pay interest only on the loan amount utilised. It enables you to raise money to cover your urgent financial needs.

Axis Bank understands your requirement for immediate cash and it resolves it by delivering you 24*7 LAS right at your doorstep, in just a few clicks on your laptop or mobile app. An OTP-based, zero documentation loan confirmation system makes your life easy.

Benefits of availing LAS with Axis Bank
Selling your securities during times of emergency may seem convenient, but it also brings a loss in potential long-term gains.  Instead, if you opt for a Loan against Securities, you can keep your securities intact and get enough funds to overcome the emergency instantly.

Reasons to choose Axis 24*7 Loan Against Securities:

1. Borrow using a variety of securities
You could decide to pledge from a wide variety of bank approved securities. Any security, including shares, equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds, or bonds may be used as collateral for this loan provided the security is part of the approved list by Axis Bank. Depending on the security, customers can get a minimum of ₹ 25,000 Or ₹ 1,00,000 and maximum of up to ₹ 20 Lakh Or 1 Cr. for equity and debt mutual funds respectively.

2. Easy access to high-value loans
Get high-value loans up to 85% of the value of your securities at attractive interest rates and avail overdraft facilities against your shares, mutual funds and bonds. The loan is flexible because it provides limitless use of cash and is simple to qualify for. You are only charged interest on utilisation!

3. Get better rate of interest
With both short-and long-term gains in mind, you have built your investment portfolio by employing a broad mix of various securities. These investments can potentially develop and produce significant returns over time.
Consider the scenario where you sell them before they mature or when unfavourable market conditions may cause you to forfeit future gains. Your only hope in this situation is a loan secured by securities. While your securities holdings continue to get their fair share of market earnings and dividends, you can pledge your investments to obtain money.

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4. Meet your critical needs with quick funding
Unexpected financial emergencies arise. For instance, a hospitalisation that requires urgent care and money. It can be challenging to arrange enough money during an emergency. Selling off your assets and investments could seem practical in such circumstances. The loan amount is in our account for use in just a few minutes. Yes, not just approval or sanction, you have the entire amount in your bank account for usage. This quick application and disbursement procedure saves time and allows you to meet pressing funding deadlines for personal and professional demands.

How to apply:

  • Sign in with your online banking or mobile banking credentials.
  • Identify and select the securities and pledge the appropriate units.
  • Finalise drawing authorisation, fees and account to pay with.
  • For loan confirmation, enter the OTP.
  • Voila! The loan amount is transferred instantly in your bank account for usage.

Advantage of Axis Bank 24*7 LAS
Axis Bank currently charges ~9.99% - 10.99% interest on 24*7 online LAS. The hassle-free and quick loan process is what makes Axis Bank stand out. For a product such as 24*7 LAS, where the emphasis is on fast delivery, Axis Bank, with its competitive interest rates and seamless service proposition, is just what you need!
What are you waiting for? Apply now – 24*7 Loan against Securities

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