Get a dream home makeover this festive season easily with a personal loan

6 MinsOct 8, 2021

Rajesh and Vinita got married last year. Due to the pandemic-induced restrictions, they had to keep the festivities muted. The couple has therefore decided to welcome the positive energy of the festival season with a renovated home and new home appliances ahead of Dusshera and Diwali. As they prepare to celebrate with their friends and family members, here are some tips for Rajesh and Vinita for their home makeover.

ideal for home makeover

Here are some things to make your house festival ready. 

(1) Check the walls for leakage
To begin with, Rajesh and Vinita should check the exterior and interior walls for any signs of leakage. There is no point in spending money on renovation if their house has a problem of water seepage as that will damage the paint. Hence, if required, they may need to get waterproofing done on the exterior walls. 

(2) Repair all cracks on walls and ceilings
Before proceeding with the painting, the couple should thoroughly check all the walls and ceilings of their home and ensure that any crack or hole is covered. This should be followed by smoothening of the walls and then the painting.

(3) Replace the floor 
When it comes to the floor, today there are several options to choose from. From marble to granite to ceramic tiles, Rajesh and Vinita can choose from a wide range, depending on their budget and the time required for laying the new floor. For instance, a marble or granite floor may take time as it involves polishing, while ceramic tiles are faster to lay. Another challenge while changing the floor is that the existing tiles have to be removed first. This activity also can take a couple of days and Rajesh and Vinita may need to vacate their house during that time. So, they need to plan accordingly.

(4) Change electrical wiring
Since Rajesh and Vinita are renovating their home, they should ideally opt for concealed electrical fittings. This will improve the aesthetics of their home. They could also add decorative light fixtures which will give the home a new look. 

(5) Choose the right shade for the walls
This can dramatically improve the look of the house. While it is an individual choice, some thumb rules can help. For rooms that don't get too much natural sunlight, it would make sense to choose lighter shades. These are also the preferred options for bedrooms as such shades tend to induce a sense of calm. Another option is to paint one wall in each room with a different shade to enhance the contrast. Or opt for a decorative design on one wall to accentuate it.

The total cost of repairing and painting your house will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done and the kind of materials used. It could cost anywhere in the range of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, for a two-bedroom house. 

In addition to refurbishing their house, Rajesh and Vinita are also planning to buy new home appliances. Here is what they should keep in mind while shopping. 
Refrigerator: The festival period is a good time to upgrade to a bigger fridge, like in the case of Rajesh and Vinita. A larger one with a 270-litre capacity would cost around Rs. 28,000-30,000.

Split air conditioners: A split air-conditioner of 1.5-ton units would cost upwards of Rs 25,000 depending on the brand. An air-conditioner with a higher rating may be costlier, but it will help Rajesh and Vinita save on electricity bills in the long run. Say they want two or three units, depending on the number of rooms in their house. Their budget may come to around Rs 1 lakh. 

Microwave: Since Rajesh and Vinita are both working, they do bulk cooking on the weekends and heat the food during the weekdays, to save time. For this, a microwave oven is a good option. The price starts at Rs. 8,000 and goes up to Rs. 18,000 or more, depending on the features. 

Home Entertainment Systems: With entry to multiplexes and sports complexes restricted, Rajesh and Vinita can enjoy their favourite movie or cricket/football tournament in the comfort of their home. The stereo sound and large screen experience will give a similar ambience as watching a live-action match or a movie in the theatre. The price of a home entertainment system, including the smart TV and sound system with speakers, etc, starts at Rs 50,000 and increases depending on the configuration. 

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With these handy tips, Rajesh and Vinita can easily go ahead with their home renovation plans and welcome their guests in style, this festive season.

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