How Ramesh Srivatsan paid his wife’s hospital bills within minutes

5 MinsNov 02, 2022

During the pandemic, everything was chaotic. People were home instead of going to work, grocery stores were shut down, and my children, who live in the United States, couldn’t visit my wife and me for their yearly visit. Even our routine doctor’s check-up was done via Zoom. 

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Being senior citizens, my wife and I took a lot of precautions to steer clear of the Covid situation. We didn’t step out of the house and had all our necessities delivered to us. We sanitised everything before using it, lest one of us fell sick. We knew that if one of us contracted the disease, it would be difficult to get the right care.

As luck would have it, one of us did fall sick, but not with Covid. My wife suddenly became unconsious and fell on the ground.

Immediately, I called an ambulance. Despite the Covid rush in hospitals, we managed to find her a bed in an expensive private hospital. After a while of giving her drips, she regained consciousness. The doctors called for check-ups, and once the results were out, we found out that she had a tumor.

The doctors informed us that the tumor would have to be operated on immediately, or it could be life-threatening. I was also informed that the operation would cost Rs. 15,00,000. I was hoping that our health insurance would cover this cost. While my wife was prepared for the operation, I quickly checked to make sure the surgery would actually be covered by our health insurer.

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Unfortunately, the hospital where she was admitted was not covered under our policy’s network hospitals. That meant that I would have to pay the amount from my pocket. I was flustered. I didn’t have that much liquid money.

I had investments in gold, mutual funds and equities, but I had recently liquidated my fixed deposits to meet another financial emergency we faced earlier in the year. The other problem was that it was a Saturday—which meant that the mutual fund companies were shut closed that day. I would have to wait until Monday to start the liquidation process. Moreover, it would take another day or two for the money to hit my bank account.

In the meantime, I needed to pay for medicines, surgery and other expenses. I thought of pawning my wife’s jewellery, but no pawn shops were open because of Covid. My children, too, couldn’t send money immediately because wire transfers would take a few days to get cleared.

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